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Introducing: The Royal Family of Monaco

Prince Rainier III (1923-2005)
Rainier’s mother, Princess Charlotte, was actually illegitimate. Her father Louis II, getting older and with no legitimate children, legitimized her and made her his heir. She never took the throne, and in fact renounced her rights to her son, Rainier, the day before his 21st birthday.
Rainier became the Sovereign Prince of Monaco upon the death of his grandfather in 1949.
During WW2, Rainier served in the Free French Army. During the 40s and 50s he was in a long term relationship with the French film actress Gisele Pascal. Rainier’s sister, Princess Antoinette, wanted her own son to ascend to the throne, and spread rumors that Pascal was infertile. The rumors along with her treatment by the press and public ended their relationship.
After the war Monaco, a country who made its money primarily as a gambling origin, was in crisis as wealthy Europeans found their funds diminished after the war. To restore Monaco’s treasury Rainier decided to promote Monaco as a tax haven, and he personally took control of SBM (the company who owns the Monte Carlo Casino, Opera, and Hostel de Paris) in 1964. Prince Albert still retains a large share of the company and profits from it today.
Everyone knows this one. Rainier married American film star Grace Kelly in 1956.
Their marriage is rumored to have been turbulent. It is said that Grace struggled with adjusting to royal life, regretted ending her film career, and that Rainier had extramarital affairs. Her children have stated that though she was a loving mother, they spent more time with nannies than with their parents.
Grace's dress is iconic, but here you go if you want to revisit some photos from that day.
Rainier smoked up to 60 cigarettes per day, and in the last years of his life his health steadily declined. On March 8th, 2005 he entered the hospital for a lung infection and by the end of the month he was on a ventilator suffering from renal and heart failure. On March 31st he officially announced his son Albert, as regent, and on April 6th he died.
The Constitution
Monaco’s constitution stated that Monaco is a constitutional monarchy ruled by the hereditary princes of the Grimaldi. If the reigning prince were to die without leaving a male heir, Monaco, according to the treaty, would be incorporated into France. In 2002, realizing he had a 43 year old bachelor son, Rainier amended the constitution to allow the crown to pass to his daughters should Albert not marry.
Grace, Princess of Monaco (1929-1982)
Grace was born in Philadelphia to an affluent and influential family. Her father was an Olympian and a Democratic nominee for Mayor of Philadelphia and was appointed by President Roosevelt as National Director of Physical Fitness. Her mother taught physical education at the University of Pennsylvania and coached women’s athletics at Penn.
Her Uncle, George Kelly, was a Pulitzer prize winning dramatist, screenwriter, and director and used his influence to gain Grace admission to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York. Grace became one of the biggest movie stars of her generation.
In 1955 she was sent to the Cannes Film Festival and invited to appear in photos with Prince Rainier. After a year-long courtship, they were married in 1956.
Grace was not allowed to continue her acting career after her marriage. She instead devoted herself to her role as Princess, become heavily involved with the Red Cross of Monaco and the Rainbow Children Coalition.
On September 13, 1982, Kelly was driving back to Monaco after spending time at her country home. During the drive she had a stroke, lost control of her vehicle, and drove off the mountainside. She died a day later.
An article on their relationship
Prince Albert II (b. 1958)
Prince Albert is one of the wealthiest royals in the world with a net worth at more than $1B. He attended Amherst College in Massachusetts, studying political science, economics, music, and English literature, and completed his education with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. He toured Europe in 1979 as part of the Amherst College Glee Club.
Albert competed in the bobsleigh for five consecutive Winter Olympics on behalf of Monaco, and was their flag bearer at the 1988, 1994, and 1998 Olympics. He is also a judo black belt.
He became Prince of Monaco when his father died in 2005.
Prior to his marriage his status as a bachelor was a hot topic of discussion. He was known to date well-known fashion models and actresses, however at age 53 had never married. It was rumored that Albert was gay, something he expressed great frustration with in the press. In 2006 he attended the opening ceremony of the Torino Olympics with South African swimmer Charlene Wittstock. They were engaged in 2010, and married in 2011.
There are rumors that Charlene tried to flee the country the day before their wedding. It is reported that the future bride, after discovering Albert may have fathered yet another child during their relationship, attempted to flee as many as three times before their wedding, however was always intercepted at the airport. It is also said she attempted to seek refuge at the South African embassy, and that officials in Monaco ended up hiding her passport so she could not leave the country.
Moreover, during their wedding, Charlene openly cried at parts, and Prince Albert was caught on camera begging her to kiss him. Honestly, she looked pretty miserable the whole time. The palace has denied all of these claims.
During their honeymoon, they stayed in separate hotels
Here's everything you ever needed to know about their wedding
Watch it
Prince Albert is passionate about the environment and an avid sportsman. Prince Albert speaks French, English, German, and Italian. He speaks English with basically no accent thanks to his American mother.
Illegitimate Children
In 2005, the day before Prince Rainier died, Albert publicly acknowledged he had fathered a son out of wedlock. In 2006, he confirmed he had also fathered a daughter. These children were barred from the line of inheritance because of a 2002 constitutional amendment requiring an heir’s parents to be married.
Alexandre (b. 2003)
Alexandre’s mother (Nicole Coste) was a flight attendant for Air France and met Prince Albert when he was a passenger on a flight. He asked for her number, the beginning of a years-long affair. The relationship ended at the insistence of Prince Rainier. Albert visited Alexandre and Nicole often, however when he refused to acknowledge Alexandre publicly, Nicole sold an interview and pictures to the media. Albert was in mourning for his father and made no public comment, but later did acknowledge paternity. Alexandre and Nicole live in France at an estate given to them by Albert.
Jazmin (b. 1992)
Jazmin’s mother, Tamara, met Albert while working as a waitress. Albert knew of Jazmin and visited her, however did not acknowledge her publicly until she was in high school to protect her identity. In 2006 the French magazine Voici published photographs of Jazmin and her mother on a visit to Monaco, outing her as Albert’s daughter. She has attended events with Albert and Charlene, and is listed as a sponsor for her father’s royal foundation.
An interview with Jazmin
Princess Charlene (b. 1978)
Born in Zimbabwe, Charlene’s family relocated to South Africa in 1989. She represented South Africa at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, finished fifth in the 4x100 meter relay.
Albert and Charlene met at the Mare Nostrum swimming competition in Monaco in 2000, however were not seen together until 2006.
Charlene converted to Roman Catholicism for her wedding, and has learned French and Monegasque after her move to Monaco. She is an ambassador for the Special Olympics, patron of the South African Red Cross, and is passionate about sport.
In recent news, she completed “the crossing” water bike challenge, a 180 kilometer water bike race for charity.
An interview with Charlene and Albert on the 1st birthday of their twins
Albert and Charlene have 2 children:
Hereditary Prince Jacques *twin* (b. 2014)
Princess Gabriella *twin* (b. 2014)
Gabriella was born 2 minutes before her brother, however because of the constitution her brother will inherit the throne. They are super sweet together and you see them at events often.
Princess Caroline of Hanover (b. 1957)
Caroline is the eldest child of Rainier and Grace Kelly, however because of the constitution her brother, Albert, sits on the throne of Monaco. She served as de facto first lady of Monaco until the marriage of Albert and Charlene.
Until the birth of her niece and nephew she was heir presumptive to the throne, although she had only held that title since 2005 after the change of the constitution to include female heirs.
Caroline received her French baccalaureat in 1974, and received a degree in Philosophy from Sorbonne University. She is fluent in French, English, Spanish, German, and Italian. Her hobbies include horseback riding, swimming, and skiing.
Married Phillippe, a Parisian banker, in 1978. The couple divorced in 1980 with no children.
Married Stefano in 1983, the sportsman heir to an Italian industrial fortune. The two had to marry in a civil ceremony rather than a religious ceremony because Caroline, a Catholic, was divorced. Caroline was 3 months pregnant at the time of their wedding.
They have three children:
  1. Andrea Casiraghi (1984)
  1. Charlotte Casiraghi (1986)
  1. Pierre Casiraghi (b. 1987)
Note: The Casiraghi’s are all very beautiful and very fashionable but I don’t want to go much into them here because they are so far down the line of succession. They’re fun to follow for their fashion if you have the time to check them out.
Married Ernst August, a Prince, in 1999. They have one daughter, Princess Alexandra.
Caroline is thus a Princess twice-over, through her family and through her husband. She and Ernst August have been separated since 2009 however are still legally married, thus she retains the title of Princess Caroline of Hanover.
Read about all of her weddings here
See her speaking in English around 12:00 here
Princess Stephanie (b. 1965)
Stephanie was in the vehicle with her mother when Grace died. She suffered a fracture of the neck.
She has studied classical dance and piano, and competed in gymnastics and horse riding. She interned at Christian Dior and debuted as a model in 1984. She has a swimwear and perfume line, and owns cafes and stores in both Monaco and Barcelona. She also has sold more than 2 million copies of her song, Ouragan, and sold 1.5M copies of her album Besoin. She recorded “In the Closet” with Michael Jackson, however is listed as “mystery girl” in the credits.
Stephanie married her former body guard, Daniel Ducruet, in 1995. When Rainier learned of their relationship Daniel was not only still his employee, but had a pregnant girlfriend too. Stephanie gave birth to their two children “out of wedlock” because Rainier refused to grant permission for them to marry, however eventually relented. The two divorced a year later after Ducruet was photographed naked with a stripper.
Read more
They have two children:
  1. Louis (b. 1992)
  1. Pauline (b. 1994)

Stephanie and Jean never married, however have a child together. He was Rainier’s Head of Security. She did not identify him on the birth certificate and it was not confirmed that he was Camille’s father until she confirmed it herself on her Instagram.
More about Jean

Stephanie met elephant trainer (yeah, you read that right) when she presented him with the award for “best animal tamer” at the Monaco Circus Festival in 1997. Franco, a decade older than Stephanie, was married with two children at the time. Franco left his family for Stephanie, moving her and her three children into his circus caravan in Zurich. Marrying in 2001, their relationship lasted 18 months until their divorce.
An interview with Stephanie in English in 1990
Why is he a Prince and not a King?
From vogue:
It goes back deep into the history of Monaco. Monaco has always been a tiny nation, and, for protection, allied itself with (or, at some points, was flat-out annexed by) big powerful countries, with big powerful rulers—aka kingdoms, or, a nation ruled by a king or queen. So Monaco’s rulers styled themselves as prince and princess. That, by definition, made the nation a principality, or one ruled by prince or princess.
Regardless, Albert actually plays a bigger role in the day to day operations of the country than most of his European peers. Legislative power is divided between the Prince who initiates the laws, and the National Council who votes on them. Executive power is retained by the Prince, and he has full judiciary powers.
See their tiara collection
I think the Ocean Tiara, gifted to Charlene for her wedding, is particularly interesting. You either love it or you hate it.
The Grimaldi Curse
What do you think?
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NYT article/The Weekly Episode on Epstein Hotlist

Just finished watching The Weekly (it’s kind of a Vice rip-off by the NYT) on Hulu where they went into detail about their story published this week about a « hacker » named Patrick Kessler who claimed to have tens of thousands of hours of Epstein’s private videos.
Turns out, Patrick did not released the videos and there is a lot of questions with his credibility, nonetheless, he clearly exposed two lawyers (Bois and Pottinger) for attempting to profit by offering to reach large settlements in which they would take 40%.
The article is here: Jeffrey Epstein, Blackmail, and a Lucrative Hotlist
Even though it sounds like this guy Kessler is full of shit, I REALLY wish that he wasn’t and at some point these troves of photos and videos get released and a bunch of rich and powerful people get what they deserve for abusing these women.
For those who need access to NYT- it is a long article, but here’s the full text:
By Jessica Silver-Greenberg, Emily Steel, Jacob Bernstein and David Enrich Nov. 30, 2019 Soon after the sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein died in August, a mysterious man met with two prominent lawyers.
Towering, barrel-chested and wild-bearded, he was a prodigious drinker and often wore flip-flops. He went by a pseudonym, Patrick Kessler — a necessity, he said, given the shadowy, dangerous world that he inhabited.
He told the lawyers he had something incendiary: a vast archive of Mr. Epstein’s data, stored on encrypted servers overseas. He said he had years of the financier’s communications and financial records — as well as thousands of hours of footage from hidden cameras in the bedrooms of Mr. Epstein’s properties. The videos, Kessler said, captured some of the world’s richest, most powerful men in compromising sexual situations — even in the act of rape.
Kessler said he wanted to expose these men. If he was telling the truth, his trove could answer one of the Epstein saga’s most baffling questions: How did a college dropout and high school math teacher amass a purported nine-figure fortune? One persistent but unproven theory was that he ran a sprawling blackmail operation. That would explain why moguls, scientists, political leaders and a royal stayed loyal to him, in some cases even after he first went to jail.
Kessler’s tale was enough to hook the two lawyers, the famed litigator David Boies and his friend John Stanley Pottinger. If Kessler was authentic, his videos would arm them with immense leverage over some very important people.
Mr. Boies and Mr. Pottinger discussed a plan. They could use the supposed footage in litigation or to try to reach deals with men who appeared in it, with money flowing into a charitable foundation. In encrypted chats with Kessler, Mr. Pottinger referred to a roster of potential targets as the “hot list.” He described hypothetical plans in which the lawyers would pocket up to 40 percent of the settlements and could extract money from wealthy men by flipping from representing victims to representing their alleged abusers.
The possibilities were tantalizing — and extended beyond vindicating victims. Mr. Pottinger saw a chance to supercharge his law practice. For Mr. Boies, there was a shot at redemption, after years of criticism for his work on behalf of Theranos and Harvey Weinstein.
In the end, there would be no damning videos, no funds pouring into a new foundation. Mr. Boies and Mr. Pottinger would go from toasting Kessler as their “whistle-blower” and “informant” to torching him as a “fraudster” and a “spy.”
Kessler was a liar, and he wouldn’t expose any sexual abuse. But he would reveal something else: The extraordinary, at times deceitful measures elite lawyers deployed in an effort to get evidence that could be used to win lucrative settlements — and keep misconduct hidden, allowing perpetrators to abuse again.
Mr. Boies has publicly decried such secret deals as “rich man’s justice,” a way that powerful men buy their way out of legal and reputational jeopardy. This is how it works.
7 men and a headless parrot
The man who called himself Kessler first contacted a Florida lawyer, Bradley J. Edwards, who was in the news for representing women with claims against Mr. Epstein. It was late August, about two weeks after the financier killed himself in a jail cell while awaiting trial on federal sex-trafficking charges.
Mr. Edwards, who did not respond to interview requests, had a law firm called Edwards Pottinger, and he soon referred Kessler to his New York partner. Silver-haired and 79, Mr. Pottinger had been a senior civil-rights official in the Nixon and Ford administrations, but he also dabbled in investment banking and wrote best-selling medical thrillers. He was perhaps best known for having dated Gloria Steinem and Kathie Lee Gifford.
Mr. Pottinger recalled that Mr. Edwards warned him about Kessler, saying that he was “endearing,” “spooky” and “loves to drink like a fish.”
After an initial discussion with Kessler in Washington, Mr. Pottinger briefed Mr. Boies — whose firm was also active in representing accusers in the Epstein case — about the sensational claims. He then invited Kessler to his Manhattan apartment. Kessler admired a wall-mounted frame containing a headless stuffed parrot; on TV, the Philadelphia Eagles were mounting a comeback against the Washington Redskins. Mr. Pottinger poured Kessler a glass of WhistlePig whiskey, and the informant began to talk.
In his conversations with Mr. Pottinger and, later, Mr. Boies, Kessler said his videos featured numerous powerful men who were already linked to Mr. Epstein: Ehud Barak, the former Israeli prime minister; Alan Dershowitz, a constitutional lawyer; Prince Andrew; three billionaires; and a prominent chief executive.
All seven men, or their representatives, told The New York Times they never engaged in sexual activity on Mr. Epstein’s properties. The Times has no reason to believe Kessler’s supposed video footage is real.
In his apartment, Mr. Pottinger presented Kessler with a signed copy of “The Boss,” his 2005 novel. “One minute you’re bending the rules,” blares the cover of the paperback version. “The next minute you’re breaking the law.” On the title page, Mr. Pottinger wrote: “Here’s to the great work you are to do. Happy to be part of it.”
Mr. Pottinger also gave Kessler a draft contract to bring him on as a client, allowing him to use a fake name. “For reasons revealed to you, I prefer to proceed with this engagement under the name Patrick Kessler,” the agreement said.
Despite the enormities of the Epstein scandal, few of his accusers have gotten a sense of justice or resolution. Mr. Pottinger thought Kessler’s files could change everything. This strange man was theatrical and liked his alcohol, but if there was even a chance his claims were true, they were worth pursuing.
“Our clients are said to be liars and prostitutes,” Mr. Pottinger later said in an interview with The Times, “and we now have someone who says, ‘I can give you secret photographic proof of abuse that will completely change the entire fabric of your practice and get justice for these girls.’ And you think that we wouldn’t try to get that?”
A victim becomes a hacker
Mr. Pottinger and Mr. Boies have known each other for years, a friendship forged on bike trips in France and Italy. In legal circles, Mr. Boies was royalty: He was the one who fought for presidential candidate Al Gore before the Supreme Court, took on Microsoft in a landmark antitrust case, and helped obtain the right for gays and lesbians to get married in California.
But then Mr. Boies got involved with the blood-testing start-up Theranos. As the company was being revealed as a fraud, he tried to bully whistle-blowers into not speaking to a Wall Street Journal reporter, and he was criticized for possible conflicts of interest when he joined the company’s board in 2015.
Two years later, Mr. Boies helped his longtime client Harvey Weinstein hire private investigators who intimidated sources and trailed reporters for The Times and The New Yorker — even though Mr. Boies’s firm had worked for The Times on other matters. (The Times fired his firm.)
By 2019, Mr. Boies, 78, was representing a number of Mr. Epstein’s alleged victims. They got his services pro bono, and he got the chance to burnish his legacy. When Mr. Pottinger contacted him about Kessler, he was intrigued.
On Sept. 9, Mr. Boies greeted Kessler at the offices of his law firm, Boies Schiller Flexner, in a gleaming new skyscraper at Hudson Yards on Manhattan’s West Side. Kessler unfurled a fantastic story, one he would embroider and alter in later weeks, that began with him growing up somewhere within a three-hour radius of Washington. Kessler said he had been molested as a boy by a Bible school teacher and sought solace on the internet, where he fell in with a group of victims turned hackers, who used their skills to combat pedophilia.
Kessler claimed that a technology executive had introduced him to Mr. Epstein, who in 2012 hired Kessler to set up encrypted servers to preserve his extensive digital archives. With Mr. Epstein dead, Kessler boasted to the lawyers, he had unfettered access to the material. He said the volume of videos was overwhelming: more than a decade of round-the-clock footage from dozens of cameras.
Kessler displayed some pixelated video stills on his phone. In one, a bearded man with his mouth open appears to be having sex with a naked woman. Kessler said the man was Mr. Barak. In another, a man with black-framed glasses is seen shirtless with a woman on his lap, her breasts exposed. Kessler said it was Mr. Dershowitz. He also said that some of the supposed videos appeared to have been edited and cataloged for the purpose of blackmail.
“This was explosive information if true, for lots and lots of people,” Mr. Boies said in an interview.
Mr. Boies and Mr. Pottinger had decades of legal experience and considered themselves experts at assessing witnesses’ credibility. While they couldn’t be sure, they thought Kessler was probably legit.
A chance to sway the Israeli election
Within hours of the Hudson Yards meeting, Mr. Pottinger sent Kessler a series of texts over the encrypted messaging app Signal.
According to excerpts viewed by The Times, Mr. Pottinger and Kessler discussed a plan to disseminate some of the informant’s materials — starting with the supposed footage of Mr. Barak. The Israeli election was barely a week away, and Mr. Barak was challenging Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The purported images of Mr. Barak might be able to sway the election — and fetch a high price. (“Total lie with no basis in reality,” Mr. Barak said when asked about the existence of such videos.)
“Can you review your visual evidence to be sure some or all is indisputably him? If so, we can make it work,” Mr. Pottinger wrote.
Kessler said he would do so. Mr. Pottinger sent a yellow smiley-face emoji with its tongue sticking out.
“Can you share your contact that would be purchasing,” Kessler asked.
“Sheldon Adelson,” Mr. Pottinger answered.
Mr. Adelson, a billionaire casino magnate in Las Vegas, had founded one of Israel’s largest newspapers, and it was an enthusiastic booster of Mr. Netanyahu. Mr. Pottinger wrote that he and Mr. Boies hoped to fly to Nevada to meet with Mr. Adelson to discuss the images.
“Do you believe that adelson has the pull to insure this will hurt his bid for election?” Kessler asked the next morning.
Mr. Pottinger reassured him. “There is no question that Adelson has the capacity to air the truth about EB if he wants to,” he said, using Mr. Barak’s initials. He said he planned to discuss the matter with Mr. Boies that evening.
Mr. Boies confirmed that they discussed sharing the photo with Mr. Adelson but said the plan was never executed. Boaz Bismuth, the editor in chief of the newspaper, Israel Hayom, said its journalists were approached by an Israeli source who pitched them supposed images of Mr. Barak, but that “we were not interested.”
‘These are wealthy wrongdoers’
The men whom Kessler claimed to have on tape were together worth many billions. Some of their public relations teams had spent months trying to tamp down media coverage of their connections to Mr. Epstein. Imagine how much they might pay to make incriminating videos vanish.
You might think that lawyers representing abuse victims would want to publicly expose such information to bolster their clients’ claims. But that is not how the legal industry always works. Often, keeping things quiet is good business.
One of the revelations of the #MeToo era has been that victims’ lawyers often brokered secret deals in which alleged abusers paid to keep their accusers quiet and the allegations out of the public sphere. Lawyers can pocket at least a third of such settlements, profiting off a system that masks misconduct and allows men to abuse again.
Mr. Boies and Mr. Pottinger said in interviews that they were looking into creating a charity to help victims of sexual abuse. It would be bankrolled by private legal settlements with the men on the videos.
Mr. Boies acknowledged that Kessler might get paid. “If we were able to use this to help our victims recover money, we would treat him generously,” he said in September. He said that his firm would not get a cut of any settlements.
Such agreements would have made it less likely that videos involving the men became public. “Generally what settlements are about is getting peace,” Mr. Boies said.
Mr. Pottinger told Kessler that the charity he was setting up would be called the Astria Foundation — a name he later said his girlfriend came up with, in a nod to Astraea, the Greek goddess of innocence and justice. “We need to get it funded by abusers,” Mr. Pottinger texted, noting in another message that “these are wealthy wrongdoers.”
Mr. Pottinger asked Kessler to start compiling incriminating materials on a specific group of men.
“I’m way ahead of you,” Kessler responded. He said he had asked his team of fellow hackers to search the files for the three billionaires, the C.E.O. and Prince Andrew.
“Yes, that’s exactly how to do this,” Mr. Pottinger said. “Videos for sure, but email traffic, too.”
“I call it our hot list,” he added.
Image The Grand Sichuan restaurant in Manhattan. The Grand Sichuan restaurant in Manhattan.Credit...Stephanie Diani for The New York Times A quiet table at the back of Grand Sichuan
In mid-September, Mr. Boies and Mr. Pottinger invited reporters from The Times to the Boies Schiller offices to meet Kessler. The threat of a major news organization writing about the videos — and confirming the existence of an extensive surveillance apparatus — could greatly enhance the lawyers’ leverage over the wealthy men.
Before the session, Mr. Pottinger encouraged Kessler to focus on certain men, like Mr. Barak, while avoiding others. Referring to the reporters, he added, “Let them drink from a fountain instead of a water hose. They and the readers will follow that better.”
The meeting took place on a cloudy Saturday morning. After agreeing to leave their phones and laptops outside, the reporters entered a 20th-floor conference room. Kessler was huge: more than 6 feet tall, pushing 300 pounds, balding, his temples speckled with gray. He told his story and presented images that he said were of Mr. Epstein, Mr. Barak and Mr. Dershowitz having sex with women.
Barely an hour after the session ended, the Times reporters received an email from Kessler: “Are you free?” He said he wanted to meet — alone. “Tell no one else.” That afternoon, they met at Grand Sichuan, an iconic Chinese restaurant in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood. The lunch rush was over, and the trio sat at a quiet table in the back. A small group of women huddled nearby, speaking Mandarin and snipping the ends off string beans.
Kessler complained that Mr. Boies and Mr. Pottinger were more interested in making money than in exposing wrongdoers. He pulled out his phone, warned the reporters not to touch it, and showed more of what he had. There was a color photo of a bare-chested, gray-haired man with a slight smile. Kessler said it was a billionaire. He also showed blurry, black-and-white images of a dark-haired man receiving oral sex. He said it was a prominent C.E.O.
Soup dumplings and Gui Zhou chicken arrived, and Kessler kept talking. He said he had found financial ledgers on Mr. Epstein’s servers that showed he had vast amounts of Bitcoin and cash in the Middle East and Bangkok, and hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of gold, silver and diamonds. He presented no proof. But it is common for whistle-blowers to be erratic and slow to produce their evidence, and The Times thought it was worth investigating Kessler’s claims.
The conversation continued in a conference room at a Washington hotel five days later, after a text exchange in which Kessler noted his enthusiasm for Japanese whiskey. Both parties brought bottles to the hotel, and Kessler spent nearly eight hours downing glass after glass. He veered from telling tales about the dark web to professing love for “Little House on the Prairie.” He asserted that he had evidence Mr. Epstein had derived his wealth through illicit means. At one point, he showed what he said were classified C.I.A. documents.
Kessler said he had no idea who the women in the videos were or how the lawyers might go about identifying them to act on their behalf. From his perspective, he said, it seemed like Mr. Boies and Mr. Pottinger were plotting to use his footage to demand huge sums from billionaires. He said it looked like blackmail — and that he could prove it.
‘We keep it. We keep everything’
Was Kessler’s story plausible? Did America’s best-connected sexual predator accumulate incriminating videos of powerful men?
Two women who spent time in Mr. Epstein’s homes said the answer was yes. In an unpublished memoir, Virginia Giuffre, who accused Mr. Epstein of making her a “sex slave,” wrote that she discovered a room in his New York mansion where monitors displayed real-time surveillance footage. And Maria Farmer, an artist who accused Mr. Epstein of sexually assaulting her when she worked for him in the 1990s, said that Mr. Epstein once walked her through the mansion, pointing out pin-sized cameras that he said were in every room.
“I said, ‘Are you recording all this?’” Ms. Farmer said in an interview. “He said, ‘Yes. We keep it. We keep everything.’”
During a 2005 search of Mr. Epstein’s Palm Beach, Fla., estate, the police found two cameras hidden in clocks — one in the garage and the other next to his desk, according to police reports. But no other cameras were found.
Kessler claimed to have been an early investor in a North Carolina coffee company, whose sticker was affixed to his laptop. But its founder said no one matching Kessler’s description had ever been affiliated with the company. Kessler insisted that he invested in 2009, but the company wasn’t founded until 2011.
The contents of Kessler’s supposed C.I.A. documents turned out to be easily findable using Google. At one point, Kessler said that one of his associates had been missing and was found dead; later, Kessler said the man was alive and in the southern United States. He said that his mother had died when he was young — and that he had recently given her a hug. A photo he sent from what he said was a Washington-area hospital featured a distinctive blanket, but when The Times called local hospitals, they didn’t recognize the pattern.
After months of effort, The Times could not learn Kessler’s identity or confirm any element of his back story.
“I am very often being purposefully inconsistent,” Kessler said, when pressed.
A Weinstein cameo
On the last Friday in September, Mr. Boies and Mr. Pottinger sat on a blue leather couch in the corner of a members-only dining room at the Harvard Club in Midtown Manhattan. Antlered animal heads and oil paintings hung from the dark wooden walls.
The lawyers were there to make a deal with The Times. Tired of waiting for Kessler’s motherlode, Mr. Pottinger said they planned to send a team overseas to download the material from his servers. He said he had alerted the F.B.I. and a prosecutor in the United States attorney’s office in Manhattan.
Mr. Boies told an editor for The Times that they would be willing to share everything, on one condition: They would have discretion over which men could be written about, and when. He explained that if compromising videos about particular men became public, that could torpedo litigation or attempts to negotiate settlements. The Times editor didn’t commit.
Mr. Boies and Mr. Pottinger later said those plans had hinged on verifying the videos’ authenticity and on having clients with legitimate legal claims against the men. Otherwise, legal experts said, it might have crossed the line into extortion.
The meeting was briefly interrupted when Bob Weinstein, the brother of Harvey Weinstein, bounded up to the table and plopped onto the couch next to Mr. Boies. The two men spent several minutes talking, laughing and slapping each other on the back.
While Mr. Boies and Mr. Weinstein chatted, Mr. Pottinger furtively displayed the black-and-white shot of a man in glasses having sex. Both lawyers said it looked like Mr. Dershowitz.
‘You don’t keep your glasses on when you’re doing that’
One day in late September, Mr. Dershowitz’s secretary relayed a message: Someone named Patrick Kessler wanted to speak to him about Mr. Boies.
“The problem is that they don’t want to move forward with any of these people legally,” Kessler said. “They’re just interested in trying to settle and take a cut.”
“Who are these people that you have on videotape?” Mr. Dershowitz asked.
“There’s a lot of people,” Kessler said, naming a few powerful men. He added, “There’s a long list of people that they want me to have that I don’t have.”
“Who?” Mr. Dershowitz asked. “Did they ask about me?”
“Of course they asked about you. You know that, sir.”
“And you don’t have anything on me, right?”
“I do not, no,” Kessler said.
“Because I never, I never had sex with anybody,” Mr. Dershowitz said. Later in the call, he added, “I am completely clean. I was at Jeffrey’s house. I stayed there. But I didn’t have any sex with anybody.”
What was the purpose of Kessler’s phone call? Why did he tell Mr. Dershowitz that he wasn’t on the supposed surveillance tapes, contradicting what he had said and showed to Mr. Boies, Mr. Pottinger and The Times? Did the call sound a little rehearsed?
Mr. Dershowitz said that he didn’t know why Kessler contacted him, and that the phone call was the only time the two men ever spoke. When The Times showed him one of Kessler’s photos, in which a bespectacled man resembling Mr. Dershowitz appears to be having sex, Mr. Dershowitz laughed and said the man wasn’t him. His wife, Carolyn Cohen, peeked at the photo, too.
“You don’t keep your glasses on when you’re doing that,” she said.
Data set (supposedly) to self-destruct
In early October, Kessler said he was ready to produce the Epstein files. He told The Times that he had created duplicate versions of Mr. Epstein’s servers. He laid out detailed logistical plans for them to be shipped by boat to the United States and for one of his associates — a very short Icelandic man named Steven — to deliver them to The Times headquarters at 11 a.m. on Oct. 3.
Kessler warned that he was erecting a maze of security systems. First, a Times employee would need to use a special thumb drive to access a proprietary communications system. Then Kessler’s colleague would transmit a code to decrypt the files. If his instructions weren’t followed precisely, Kessler said, the information would self-destruct.
Specialists at The Times set up a number of “air-gapped” laptops — disconnected from the internet — in a windowless, padlocked meeting room. Reporters cleared their schedules to sift through thousands of hours of surveillance footage.
On the morning of the scheduled delivery, Kessler sent a series of frantic texts. Disaster had struck. A fire was burning. The duplicate servers were destroyed. One of his team members was missing. He was fleeing to Kyiv.
Two hours later, Kessler was in touch with Mr. Pottinger and didn’t mention any emergency. Kessler said he hoped that the footage would help pry $1 billion in settlements out of their targets, and asked him to detail how the lawyers could extract the money. “Could you put together a hypothetical situation,” Kessler wrote, not something “set in stone but close to what your thinking.”
In one, which he called a “standard model” for legal settlements, Mr. Pottinger said the money would be split among his clients, the Astria Foundation, Kessler and the lawyers, who would get up to 40 percent.
In the second hypothetical, Mr. Pottinger wrote, the lawyers would approach the videotaped men. The men would then hire the lawyers, ensuring that they would not get sued, and “make a contribution to a nonprofit as part of the retainer.”
“No client is actually involved in this structure,” Mr. Pottinger said, noting that the arrangement would have to be “consistent with and subject to rules of ethics.”
“Thank you very much,” Kessler responded.
Mr. Pottinger later said that the scenario would have involved him representing a victim, settling a case and then representing the victim’s alleged abuser. He said it was within legal boundaries. (He also said he had meant to type “No client lawsuit is actually involved.”)
Such legal arrangements are not unheard-of. Lawyers representing a former Fox News producer who had accused Bill O’Reilly of sexual harassment reached a settlement in which her lawyers agreed to work for Mr. O’Reilly after the dispute. But legal experts generally consider such setups to be unethical because they can create conflicts between the interests of the lawyers and their original clients.
‘I just pulled it out of my behind’
The lawyers held out hope of getting Kessler’s materials. But weeks passed, and nothing arrived. At one point, Mr. Pottinger volunteered to meet Kessler anywhere — including Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.
“I still believe he is what he purported to be,” Mr. Boies wrote in an email on Nov. 7. “I have to evaluate people for my day job, and he seemed too genuine to be a fake, and I very much want him to be real.” He added, “I am not unconscious of the danger of wanting to believe something too much.”
Ten days later, Mr. Boies arrived at The Times for an on-camera interview. It was a bright, chilly Sunday, and Mr. Boies had just flown in from Ecuador, where he said he was doing work for the finance ministry. Reporters wanted to ask him plainly if his and Mr. Pottinger’s conduct with Kessler crossed ethical lines.
Would they have brokered secret settlements that buried evidence of wrongdoing? Did the notion of extracting huge sums from men in exchange for keeping sex tapes hidden meet the definition of extortion?
Mr. Boies said the answer to both questions was no. He said he and Mr. Pottinger operated well within the law. They only intended to pursue legal action on behalf of their clients — in other words, that they were a long way from extortion. In any case, he said, he and Mr. Pottinger had never authenticated any of the imagery or identified any of the supposed victims, much less contacted any of the men on the “hot list.”
Then The Times showed Mr. Boies some of the text exchanges between Mr. Pottinger and Kessler. Mr. Boies showed a flash of anger and said it was the first time he was seeing them.
By the end of the nearly four-hour interview, Mr. Boies had concluded that Kessler was probably a con man: “I think that he was a fraudster who was just trying to set things up.” And he argued that Kessler had baited Mr. Pottinger into writing things that looked more nefarious than they really were. He acknowledged that Mr. Pottinger had used “loose language” in some of his messages that risked creating the impression that the lawyers were plotting to monetize evidence of abuse.
Several days later, Mr. Boies returned for another interview and was more critical of Mr. Pottinger, especially the hypothetical plans that he had described to Kessler. “Having looked at all that stuff in context, I would not have said that,” he said. How did Mr. Boies feel about Mr. Pottinger invoking his name in messages to Kessler? “I don’t like it,” he said.
But Mr. Boies stopped short of blaming Mr. Pottinger for the whole mess. “I’m being cautious not to throw him under the bus more than I believe is accurate,” he said. His longtime P.R. adviser, Dawn Schneider, who had been pushing for a more forceful denunciation, dropped her pen, threw up her arms and buried her head in her hands.
In a separate interview, The Times asked Mr. Pottinger about his correspondence with Kessler. The lawyer said that his messages shouldn’t be taken at face value because, in reality, he had been deceiving Kessler all along — “misleading him deliberately in order to get the servers.”
The draft retention agreement that Mr. Pottinger had given to Kessler in September was unsigned and never meant to be honored, Mr. Pottinger said. And he never intended to sell photos of Mr. Barak to Mr. Adelson. “I just pulled it out of my behind,” he said, describing it as an act to impress Kessler.
As for the two hypotheticals about how to get money out of the men on the list, Mr. Pottinger said, he never planned to do what he carefully articulated. “I didn’t owe Patrick honesty about this,” he said.
Mr. Pottinger said that he had only one regret — that “we did not get the information that this liar said he had.”
He added, “I’m building legal cases here. I’m trying not to engage too much in shenanigans. I wish I didn’t, but this guy was very unusual.”
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[5e] Every Session Summary for SKT

A little over a year ago I got a group of friends from work together to play through Storm Kings Thunder. We completed our final session, number 20, this past weekend. We had some players drop in and out but altogether it was a great adventure. Every week I would put a summary of the previous session in a calendar invite, so this is a somewhat edited breakdown of the sessions. Sorry for any spelling mistakes or formatting issues.
Spoilers for Storm Kings Thunder Below, Obviously
Seeking glory and interested in assisting Lady Nandar in her dealings with the elves, the party goes to the town Nightstone to the southeast of Waterdeep. Upon arrival, they discover the town has been abandoned save for goblins who are running amok. The party stealthily moves through the town, slaying the goblins as they look for survivors. They encounter a strange woman who does not appear to be what she seems. After clearing most of the town, the party heads towards the keep to look for any other survivors and see if they can learn what has happened.
The party meets a new Paladin party member who was staying in the keep during the recent events, as well as meet the surviving guards of Nightstone who are at each other’s throats. The party learns that the town was attacked by a flying castle that rained down boulders on the town, killing Lady Nandar. They also learn that the giants stole a strange stone that was in the town center before flying away. The townsfolk had fled to the nearby caves to seek shelter during the attack but have not returned, leaving the town empty and an easy target. Staying the night in the keep, the party sees as a group of riders approach the town and is let into the town by the strange woman they had met before. The party decides to say their farewells to the guards and leave the town in secret, with some of the party deciding to talk to the riders. Part of the party then meets Xolkin Alassandar, who introduces himself as the new lord of Nightstone. He offers the party a reward of position if they could get his “subjects” back for him. The party then heads towards the dripping caves.
Heading to the dripping caves, the party meets a monk who agrees to help them in their quest to save the villagers. They follow tracks in the forest to the caves and quickly learn that some goblins and their ogre friends have captured the townspeople. Most of the party decide to talk to the goblin leader, Boss Hark, while the monk sneaks around and discovers the townspeople huddled in the caves. The Boss, a cigar smoking goblin, offers them a deal that if they can kill the monster near the spring of the caves that he will let the villagers go. The party agrees and heads into the section of the caves, meeting up with the other party members. They soon encounter and slay the gray ooze of the caves, leaving the party paladins weapon damaged in the process. They then decide that they may be able to sneak the villagers out and work on a plan to get them past the ogre guards. Using a bit of magic and stealth, the party is able to make a path for the villagers to escape, but not without brining Boss Hark and his ogre’s attention. In a pitched fight with the boss, the party is able to slay the goblin, charm the ogres, and claim his horde for themselves. The party has saved the villagers from Boss Hark and his goblin band. The villagers seem intent on returning to their homes despite the Zhentarim takeover of Nightstone.
The party feels a cold chill on the breeze and has a flashback to their time in Waterdeep and the holiday celebration they had with the Cassalanter nobles. Enjoying some festive cheer, the festivities are nearly ruined when a prized singer is attacked by an imp. The party performs an investigation where they learn that the Cassalanter children have been influenced towards summoning the foul creatures. They are able to stop the incursion of imps and save the holiday party, scoring them some holiday themed gifts and information on assisting the town of Nightstone as we return to the present.
With the villagers returned to Nightstone, the party encounters the elves of Ardeep forest who enlist their assistance in driving a band of Kenku from a sacred tree. With the tree mostly cleared, the party only has a few more of the bird men to slay before claiming their prize from lady Elama and continuing their adventure.
After receiving hefty rewards from their adventures in the Ardeep forest and a shopping trip/repairs in the city of Waterdeep, the adventurers head northeast towards the town of Goldenfields to deliver a message to one of the slain villagers family members. However, the party soon finds themselves caught between a friendly cloud giant and a band of heavily armored dwarves. How will are party handle being caught between a giant and a hard place? What is Legolas going to do outside with a silver dragon flying around? We will find out in this session of Storm Kings Thunder.
Last session, our party was successfully able to defuse the situation between the giant Zephyros and the dwarven shock team. They learn that the Lords Alliance is moving to respond to the giant threat, with this group of dwarves being sent by Queen Dagnabbit of Mithril Hall. The party then arrived at Goldenfields, where they delivered news to Miros of the death of his parents in Nightstone. The party is given room and board at the Goldenfields Inn, ran by a hairy man known as “the Yeti”. They were not able to rest long however, as the town soon came under assault by an army of monsters led by Hill Giants. With the help of some friendly NPCs, the party was able to repel the attack. The battle of Goldenfields is not without casualties however, and the sorceress Naxene was slain by the Hill Giant assault. With some new friends and a promise of a reward from the Abbot of Goldenfields, where will our party go from here?
Last session, the party headed to the River Dessarin where they had credit on a casino river boat named the Grand Dame for their service in Goldenfields. As they rode towards the ship, they receive a letter attached to a flying snake from Xolkin Alassandar, one of the Zhentarim who has now titled himself Baron of Nightstone. Arriving at the boat, the party discovers that they are docked here for a wedding and will soon head back north to the town of Yartar. After securing passage north and gambling on the ship, one of the wedding members comes in dressed in tatters and speaking of fiends that came out of the air and attacked. The party runs to the rescue, first encountering a vicious wind weasel who kills Bryn’s owl. The party then comes upon the wedding party being played with by a wind demon and a devilish harp. The party successfully slays the fiends, but the devil harps final trick is played as one of the unconscious wedding party was booby trapped, killing several of the wedding goers as he was stood up. Returning to the boat, the party has four days of respite as the boat travels the 200 miles to Yartar. Going west, the party arrives in Triboar where they deliver the last of the Nightstone death notices. Buying Bryn a new owl, the party stays in the fancy inn of Triboar.
Last session, the party took a quest from the Lord Protector of Triboar, Darathra Shendrel, to hunt down a pair of stone giants that had attacked the town. Traveling towards the edge of the Sword Mountains southwest of Triboar, the party encountered two tribes of goblins having a dance off for dominance of the area, judged by the local hag Granny Pestilence. Continuing on, the party was able to locate the abandoned mine that the giants had turned into their home. Going down into the old dwarven mine, the party encountered a displacer beast, which the party dispatched using a slew of oil they had purchased in Triboar, taking its pelt as a trophy. The party then had a tough fight with the pair of stone giants in their new home, but were able to overcome them and take their heads and their Orb of the Stein Rune. The party then further explored the mine, locating a sunken tunnel that held a horde of gold ore as well as a passage to the Underdark. Returning to Triboar, the party exchanged the giant’s heads for a pair of enchanted daggers. They also learn of a previous adventurer who carried a Giant Slayer Greatsword who has now settled down near the city of Silverymoon. Seeking out powerful spell-casters to enchant a cloak of displacement, as well as looking to procure other magical services, the party heads east.
Returning to the town of Yartar to have their magic items identified and for information on crafting a cloak of displacement, the party discovered that a strange sickness was affecting some of the citizens of the town who had purchased potions from the local alchemist’s guild. Tasked with the local wizard with discovering the source of the sickness, the party found things amiss at the alchemist’s guildhall, with the guild members all appearing to be under a strange trance. After exploring the guildhall and assisting the guilds maid, the party headed to the workshop that was built over the River Dessarin. The first attempt to enter the building was repelled by a pair of water elemental guards. But after a small retreat and regrouping, the party successfully entered the workshop where they discovered the guild members working in a zombie like stupor under the enchantments of a Rusalka and her troll guard. After a pitched fight including several thrown potions creating wild effects, the monsters were slain and the Rusalka’s enchantment was broken. The party was rewarded a powerful potion for freeing the guild, as well as invited to be teleported to Moongleam Tower in Everlund where they can have their cloak crafted as well as potentially gain access to the teleportation circle network of the Sword Coast.
After being teleported to Moongleam Tower in Everlund, the party met Krowen Valharrow, a powerful wizard aligned with a group called the Harpers. After being pressed into Harper service, Krowen gave the party access to their teleportation network as well as agreed to assist in creating a cloak of displacement for the party. On leaving the tower to explore the town, the party heard a horrified scream and on investigating discovered a dead man whose insides were turned to gemstone. They also met Thanatos, a monk who happened to be in the area and who joined the party after they were all arrested and questioned by the town guard. Deciding to investigate, and with the promise of a 1000 gold reward for stopping the murders, the party split up to research the bodies and look into any witnesses and clues. They discover that the body’s internal organs were all turned to kyanite, a gem known for its ability to store energy, and also find clues to a fiendish ritual at the murder site. They eventually track the culprit to one of the gem cutter workshop in town, where Jelfi the gnome had made a pact with a gilded devil for extreme skill in the gem cutting trade. After capturing the gnome and slaying the fiends, the party turned in their evidence and prisoner for their reward.
The party’s skills in investigation and battle being proven, the Harpers give the party a new mission of subterfuge to test their abilities. Given a truth serum and tickets for a play in Silverymoon, the party is tasked with learning who the leaders of the Zhentarim in Waterdeep are from a visiting couple of nobles, Lord Orond and Lady Yalah Gralhund. Arriving in Silverymoon, the party rents out a room near the theatre and proceed to Silverymoon palace. Utilizing Eldermon’s noble background, the party is able to infiltrate the palace, albeit with some provisos to their stay. After befriending some of the staff and learning more about their targets, the party puts a plan in motion that gets them the required information, albeit a bit messily. After making a hasty escape from the palace, the party regroups at their rented room, scalp the tickets to the play for some quick cash, and head to their next destination, Zymorven Hall and the Giantslayer Greatsword. After a couple of days on the road, the party arrives at Zymorven hall to find the place destroyed, with obvious signs of battle with monsters. The Giantslayer Greatsword is missing and mysteriously some large object had been excavated and dragged out of the keep. Following the drag marks north until nightfall, the party catches up with a Fire Giant and the remnants of his monster army. They were dragging a huge adamantine gear back to a Duke Zalto, stating that it was part of an ancient construct called the Vonindod. The Giantslayer Greatsword was being wielded by a hobgoblin servant of the giant. Fighting these monstrous foes, the battle was interrupted by a Frost Giant who arrived at the scene. Backing up to regroup and watch, the new frost giant assisted the party in killing the monsters. After the battle, the frost giant introduced himself as Harshnag. Harshnag stated that he is on a quest to discover why the ordning was shattered and to put an end to the giant threat by speaking with the giant god Annam at a place called the Eye of the Allfather. He states that if the party would like to help he would appreciate the company in his travels before they all settle down for a long rest.
With their new frost giant companion, Harshnag, the party set off to talk to the giant god Annam and find a way to stop the giants rampaging across the Sword Coast. Harshnag told the party that they needed to travel to the Eye of the All Father, which lies high in the mountains called the Spine of the World, and that they would need warm clothes and a worthy sacrifice to the giant god. The party then headed back to Silverymoon, where warm clothes were bought and Eldermon was questioned about his sudden disappearance by the High Marshall of Silverymoon. Turning north, the party encountered a blind woman being led by a medusa as well as some bounty hunters which the party did not assist. Arriving at One Stone, the party found the giant relic they were searching for in a large rune inscribed boulder that was being used as a religious totem by the Sky Pony tribe. Using some stealth and magic, the party stole away with the stone, but awakened a Bulette who battled the Sky Pony tribe while the party escaped farther north. A few days later they arrived at Beorunna’s Well, a large underground cave with a sinkhole entrance, and home to the Black Lion tribe. This tribe was more hospitable than the Sky Pony tribe, offering them a chance to prove themselves to their god Uthgardt by killing a Manticore. After slaying the beast, the party was allowed to approach the shrine to Beorunna and there the party excavated a chamber under the shrine which held an ogre skeleton and a large mammoth tusk engraved with images of giants fighting dragons. The party brought the tusk out and with the help of Harshnag rode it to the surface. The party then turned west towards Mithral Hall. There the party stocked up on supplies for their journey into the mountains, as well as spoke with queen Dagnabbet about the Fire Giant threat. The party was promised a group of dwarf veterans to assist them if they discover the location of Ironslag, where the fire giants are constructing a war engine called Vonindod. After stocking up on rations, the party headed north, stopping by the Great Worm Cavern to pick up a 3rd giant relic, a broken shield made from a dragons scale. Their journey now bring them to the entrance to the Eye of the All Father, but what awaits them in the dark of this giant sized temple?
Reuniting with their monk companion in the Spine of the World Mountains, the party reached the Eye of the All Father. Heading into the frozen temple to the giant god Annam, the party encountered the Great Worm Clan of barbarians attempting to gain entry. After a heated battle with the tribe, the party took a rest outside of the frozen doors of the temple. With Harshnag opening the doors, the party entered the main temple, where they found statues of the giant gods offering their weapons to Annam in front of a glowing archway surrounded by giant runes, however the Frost Giant Statues weapon was missing. After some experimentation and setting off a trap, the party decided that they needed to find the missing weapon to complete the puzzle. They first headed into the giant living quarters. Finding little in the rooms but a spider tunnel that they opted not to explore and a potential trap in the hallway blocking their progress to the final rooms. Using the bag of tricks to summon a weasel, the trap was triggered, sealing the doors and causing a giants stone ball to roll towards them. They were able to dodge the trap and finish exploring the rooms, eventually finding a Shard of the Ise Rune. The party then headed towards the other end of the temple, where they found the giant dining hall. Across the room they spotted the missing weapon, but lurking in the room was a Remorhaz. Using Pass Without a Trace on Harshnag, he was able to sneak past the beast and return the missing weapon unnoticed. Placing the axe upon the ise rune on the archway created a thundercloud tunnel leading deeper into the mountain. Inside they found a dead giant in the middle of the floor. Touching the body awoke his ghost, who informed them that he was murdered by his father when they came to talk to Annam and that they would need to clear the floor of ice and place their offerings to Annam in the center of the room to speak with the All Father. The party looted an Opal of the Ild Rune from his body and Harshnag took his armor. After clearing the ice and putting in their offerings, the party was able to discover that the reason the ordning was broken was that a dragon named Iymrith has infiltrated the court of King Hekaton, this going unnoticed by the complacent giants. If the party wishes to stop the giant rampage, they must go to the court of King Hekaton and root out the dragon infiltrator. To do this, they will first need to obtain a Conch of Teleportation from one of the giant lords. With their three offerings, the party was given three options of who to go after: Chief Guh of the Hill Giants, Countess Sansuri of the Cloud Giants, and Duke Zalto of the Fire Giants. The party opted to go after Countess Sansuri and were told her flying castle would be found floating above the Evermoors. With their path before them, the party left the room back through the cloud tunnel. As they crossed the room towards the exit past the statues of giant gods, the party saw as Iymrith entered the room. The dragon called The Doom of the Desert charged across the room and Harshnag jumped forward to give her battle, yelling for the others to flee. Casting a fog cloud to try to help and running out of the room, they heard the echoing strikes of the massive creatures change to the crash of stones as the massive temple collapsed. With Harshnag lost to them, the party must now decide their next course of action.
Escaping the Eye of the All Father temple, the party came down from the Spine of the World Mountains without Harshnag, who was seemingly killed by Iymrith, the Doom of the Dessert. Returning to Mithral Hall after an encounter with some fey displacer beast hunters, the party stocked up on supplies and did some shopping. After giving the bad news of Harshnag to Queen Dagnabbit, the party told her that they needed some means to reach the flying castle of Countess Sansuri. She told them that she was aware of a flying ship the party could use for such a task, but she would expect payment in the form of an elven treasury that her scouts had discovered from the time of the War of Many Arrows. The party accepted the task, and with a dwarf by the name of Deepdelver, they headed to the tower of Solanna Bael. Inside this elven tower, the party was asked a series of questions and challenges that scored them some powerful elven relics from a time of war, as well as access to the treasury in the tower. Heading back with treasure in tow, the party encountered a living campfire that allowed them to have a peaceful rest in exchange for a story. After the treasure was turned in, the party was given their airship and shown how to fly it and were also given the option of hiring a crew to man the ship in their stead.
In this once shot adventure, a group of dwarves in the Spine of the World Mountains are working hard at the Everforge Mining Company. This ideal dwarven life is interrupted however when a group of humans and kobolds raid the mining camp, kidnapping the matron Everforge. The party follows their trail to the ancient ruins of the dwarven forge in the mountains and using their stone cunning are able to navigate the ancient camp. They discover a young fire dragon and its worshippers intend to open up a gate to the plane of fire in the ancient forge. After a tough fight, the dragon is slain and the portal is successfully closed. As the matron celebrates her rescue in true dwarfish fashion back at the camp, a dwarfish scouting party returns to the camp with a strange giant they had discovered buried in the mountains.
Stocking up on supplies and climbing aboard their new airship, the party scoured the Evermoors in search for the cloud giant castle of Countess Sansuri. After a few hours of flying, the party spotted the flying fortress and heard terrible roaring coming from the stronghold. Deciding on a diplomatic approach, the airship approached openly and asked for an audience with the countess, which was granted by the cloud giant castellan and her aarakocra minions. Setting up a signal to take off without them with Thanatos just in case, the party headed inside and were taken to the heart of the castle where they met with the Cloud Giant Countess. There the party tried to convince the masked giant that she should let them use her Conch of Teleportation to help King Hekaton. The party quickly learned that the countess is no friend to the Storm Giant King and that she intends to replace him as lord of the giants in a newly established ordning once she uncovers the location of a hoard of magic from her dragon prisoner. Piquing the party’s interest, they convince the countess to let them try to pry the information from the dragon. Countess Sansuri then led the party to the castles dungeon where they met Felgolos, an adult bronze dragon, who was muzzled and chained to a wall. After a bit of questioning, the dragon tells them that he does not know where this treasure that the countess is looking for is and that he only wants to be free. The party convinces the countess that perhaps she is making him nervous and she decides to leave, bringing in her castellan to supervise. With a failed attempt to use Tasha’s Hideous Laughter, a fight in the dungeon began with part of the party attempting to free the dragon while the other tried to bring down the Castellan before he could warn the other cloud giants. The results was the castellan dead, a wounded but free Felgolos, and a slightly beaten up party (Legolas now has an impressive scar from nearly being killed by the cloud giant castellan’s spear). The party rings the bell of silent carols, signaling Thanatos to take off with the airship, then free a group of caged gryphons to add to the chaos. Climbing aboard their new dragon friend, the party took to the sky and flew to the highest tower, where they knew the countess was keeping her Conch of Teleportation. Dropping the party off, Felgolos engaged the aarakocra guards while the party headed inside the tallest tower. Inside, they found the countess’ mask collection as well as a pair of invisible stalkers that were set up as sentries. Engaging in a confusing fight with the invisible enemies, the party slays one and causes another to flee while they head to the highest peak. Inside the tallest room they find the countess’ bedroom, complete with a stuffed Pegasus mobile above the bed. In the headboard of the bed the party was able to find a small empty chest, only a few inches wide. By the time this is found however, the living invisible stalker had returned and continued its assault on the party. Felgolos ripped off the roof of the tower and reached down, allowing the party to escape to the skies from their unseen enemy. As Felgolos soared away, they were able to spot the airship coming down near a hillock a few miles away. As they turned in that direction to make their escape, one of the cloud giants makes a successful ballista hit on the dragon, and the party crashes with their dragon friend into the Evermoors.
Landing in the Evermoors, Thanatos turned the airship to pick up his wounded companions while Countess Sansuri and her brother Thullen gave chase. The two forces clashed with the party in the middle, but the party proved the stronger and knocked Thullen unconscious. Using the brother as leverage, the party convinced the countess to call upon her magical chest in exchange for his life. Tying the chest to the airship, the party fled the area and the countess returned to her castle to lick her wounds. Having saved the bronze dragon Felgalos, the party went to the Starmetal Hills where the dragon laired, and were able to pick up a magic item each for having saved the tortured dragon. Leaving him to recuperate in his cave, the party headed to Longsaddle where they believed they could offload their recently acquired treasure as well as repair their airship, which had been damaged in the fight with the giants. After landing, the party met Elvira Harpell, a member of the eccentric Harpell family of wizards who live in Longsaddle. After trying to climb aboard their airship, Elvira tells the party about her studies and about some of the mishaps in magic that her family has been responsible for, including the creation of a new lake in Longsaddle from a spell gone awry. Satisfied with having inspected the workings of the airship, she returned to the Harpell home. After conscripting a leather worker to repair their airship balloon, the party went to the Harpell home to have their magic items identified and to sell their horde of treasure. Afterwards they were given a tour of the home and met a strange Drow named Drizzt Do’Urden, a ranger of some renown. Needing to stay the night for their balloon repair, the party then went to the Failing Student Inn, where they purchased some drinks and met another Harpell who was experimenting with the polymorph spell. Purchasing a pair of the furry Harpell’s personal cocktail, Thanatos was transformed temporarily into a woman by the strange but tasty concoction. Bringing the airship crew members some tasty food and drink from the town, a night of merriment was had with the gender bending concoction. When the morning came, the balloon was repaired and the airship was ready to move. Now the party must decide, with the conch of teleportation they have direct access to the court of King Hekaton, but do they want to take care of any loose threads before going to root out the evil dragon Iymrith?
Taking their newly acquired treasure to the city of Neverwinter, the party bargained with Captain Xendros of the Succubus for some new magic items and potions for their upcoming fight. The party then explored the city, discovering the Winged Wyvern Bridge, the Harper controlled Plucked String Tavern, as well as were introduced to the Order of the Gauntlet. Learning that the Order was seeking rewards for giant heads, the party turned in a fire giant head and saw that the Order is keeping a leader board for giant bounties. Deciding to go out on a giant hunt, the party takes to the skies and meets the current board leader, Gauthrak, as well as the Blue Claw barbarians. The party also discovers that the local stone giants are coming from a place called the Dreadstone Cleft. Opting not to take on the Stone Giants on their home turf, the party sets up an ambush to the south. This leads to a pitched fight on the ground and air when a war party of 5 stone giants happens upon the party. Bruised but successful in their hunt, the party returns to Neverwinter to have their airship repaired from the battering of thrown stones.
Gathering around and blowing into the Conch of Teleportation, the party is teleported to the storm giant fortress known as Maelstrom. The party snuck around the fortress, learning that the fortress is underwater and situated around a giant maelstrom. They see that two storm giants are entertaining giant royalty in the main hall using a musical crab. They also learn that the dragon that they were had come to root out has taken the form of a storm giant and is advising a young storm giant named Serissa . Making their way to the throne room, the party is finally spotted by the giants gathered in the main hall. The two storm giants identify themselves as daughters of King Hekaton. They tell the party that Queen Neri, their mother, had been murdered by "small folk" and that their father is missing after leaving to search for the culprits. King Hekaton left instructions that his youngest daughter, Serissa, should take over the throne in his absence, passing up the older sisters. The party makes a case that they urgently must speak with Serissa, but the sisters say that it will be several days for such an appointment, but that they can stay as their guests while they wait. The party then spends a few hours in the human sized guest rooms of the storm giants, after which one of the giant sisters comes to retrieve the party saying that their meeting has been approved. The storm giant sister had no intention of bringing the party to her sister, however, and had an ambush setup for the party with the giant nobles from earlier. The nobles seemed hesitant to strike out at the party, giving the group a chance to make their case that they shouldn't fight. Telling the giants that they had spoken to the All Father and that a dragon had infiltrated their court and was behind what is happening was enough for the giants to sheath their weapons and let the party make their case to Serissa. Going to the throne room past a pair of hill giant guards, the party found Uthor (King Hekaton's brother) and Iymrith in giant form advising the young storm giant. The party brought their news that a dragon had infiltrated the court, while Iymrith stated that the party was behind the murder of the queen and the abduction of King Hekaton. The party caught on that Iymrith had overstepped and revealed that she knew what had happened to the king. As they were about to expose and convince the storm giants to turn on her, Iymrith grabbed the Korolnor Sceptor that Serissa was using to control the Wyrmskull Throne. With the Scepter taken, the throne lashed out at Serissa, paralyzing her. Knowing that fighting the storm giants and the party on their home turf would be foolhardy, Iymrith then teleported away with her new treasure. Uthor revealed to the party that they had to find King Hekaton, but that they only had one clue to what happened to him. At the place where Queen Neri was murdered, they had found a strange coin, a wooden coin painted gold with the image of a goose carved into it. Eldermon immediately recognized it as a gambling chip that was used on the Grand Dame Casino ship that the party had sailed on up the Dessarin River. After Uthor revealed the clue to the party, the two sisters of Serissa came in and took their places on the thrones in the room, seemingly unaffected by the fate of their sister. Uthor makes a case to release the party back to the sword coast, which the sisters relent and allow.
Returning to the Sword Coast by means of a teleportation spell, the party finds themselves by the Alchemists Guildhall in Yartar, the last known location of the Grand Dame. They find the casino ship is still docked in the river harbor of the town, and has also picked up some new security as several brawls have broken out on the ship. The guards confiscate the party’s weapons and allow them aboard, where they find some familiar faces drinking and gambling in the casino, their old friends "the yeti" and Oren Yogilvy of Goldenfields. Having some drinks and gambling on the ship, the party eventually talk to Lord Drylund and learn that he is a member of a secret organization that he means for the party to join. Meanwhile, Ren also talks to Lord Drylund and becomes employed by the Grand Dame as a wine server. Setting up to be initiated into this organization at night fall, the party uses Ren's employment and the distraction of an arm wrestling match with the guards to sneak their weapons on board using a bag of holding. Spending the rest of their day gambling and enjoying themselves, the time eventually comes to meet with Lord Drylund. He informs the party that he is a member of a group called the Kraken Society and that their boss sends them orders, including the orders that led to the death of Queen Neri. He then has Eldermon bow down in front of the aquarium with his pet octopus in it. In the reflection of the aquarium, Eldermon is able to see the image of a powerful Kraken named Slarkrethel who dominates the noble elf to his will, tying the minds of the elf and the kraken together. Legolas is next to bow in front of the tank, but unlike Eldermon he refuses to submit and the Kraken calls for his death. A short battle later sees the pet octopus dead and Lord Drylund captured and panicked. Lord Drylund tells the party that the kraken is in his head and will kill him for failing the monster. Before he is killed, Lord Drylund tells the party that King Hekaton is being held on a ship named the Morkoth that is sailing in circles around a group of islands called the Purple Rocks in the Trackless Sea. Lord Drylund is then killed remotely by his master. Worried about what will happen to Eldermon, the party goes to the Harpers where it is explained that Eldermon and the Kraken are psychically linked, and while they can sever the connection it would potentially go both ways and allow the party to gain insight on the kraken. Eldermon decides to keep the Kraken connection, trapping him in its tentacles for now.
Boarding their flying ship, the party takes a few days searching the trackless sea and eventually spot the Morkoth, a ship in the shape of a giant squid that has the Storm King chained to its deck. Opting to attack at range, a ballista battle takes place which nearly pops the balloon of the air ship, but with the opposing ships ballista disabled the party makes quick work of the crew members. Unchaining King Hekaton, the party informs him of what has happened and how Iymrith had betrayed him. He teleports the party back to Maelstrom using his Conch of Teleportation, rewards the party with Potions of Giant Size, and begins to bolster his honor guard for a confrontation with the ancient blue dragon. Now, the stage is set for a final showdown with the blue dragon Iymrith in her desert home. Will the party slay the dragon and bring glory back to the Storm King, restructuring the ordning and bringing peace, or will the party be slain in battle, leading to the reign of Iymrith as she claims the Wyrmskull Throne for herself? We will find out in this final session of Storm King's Thunder.
In the final session of Storm Kings Thunder, the party retrieves their airship and learn that Harshnag had survived his battle with the blue dragon, being rescued from starvation by a mining company of dwarves. With final preparations made and final supplies gathered, the party meets the Storm King and his honor guard at the edge of the desert. With the ranger doing some scouting, the party discovers that 30 animated statues guard the dragon’s lair, as well as a pair of trebuchets. They also learn that some serpentine beings also appear to be living in the lair as well. The party then sets up a plan to stealthily take out one of the trebuchets, which will signal for the giants and airship to attack. With a less than stealthy approach, the party has a rough time with the statue guards but do finally manage to light one of the trebuchets on fire. With the signal given, the giants and airship begin to battle the remaining statues, leaving the party free to explore the tunnels below. Sneaking up on some snake men performing a ritual, the party sees a sacrifice and hear a prophecy in abyssal that they cannot understand. After the snake men leave, Eldermon approaches the sacrificial pit and discovers that there is nothing but spikes and bodies at the bottom. This does not go unnoticed by the Blue Dragon, however, and she suggests that he jumps in and sacrifice himself to the Night Serpent over being eaten by her. Seeing that the jig was up, Legolas drinks his potion of giant size and charges the giant, starting the final battle. Iymrith would not prove an easy opponent, as she burrowed under the party and used ambush tactics with her powerful lightning breath to keep the party guessing. Eventually the party was able to wear her down and slay Iymrith, surrounded by her giant sized foes. We then cut to the epilogue, the party is given a share of the treasure uncovered in the blue dragon’s lair and the Storm King once again takes his throne. Hekaton works to broker peace between the giants and the smaller peoples of the Sword Coast, under his leadership giant attacks lessen and the ordning is reestablished as it was before. The party uses the hide of Iymrith to reinforce their airship and then settle down for a rest after their harrowing adventure.
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Georgia Tombstones (Part 1)

Georgia Tombstones (Part 1)
by Jayge 8^J
“The Earth has a cancer and the cancer is Man.” -- Club of Rome
“If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels.” -- Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
“Depopulation should be the highest priority of foreign policy towards the third world, because the US economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries.” “World population needs to be decreased by 50%.” “Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.” and “The elderly are useless eaters.” -- Henry Kissinger
“A total world population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.” -- Ted Turner
“In order to stabilize world population, we must eliminate 350,000 people per day. It is a horrible thing to say, but it’s just as bad not to say it.” -- Jacques Cousteau
“Global Sustainability requires the deliberate quest of poverty, reduced resource consumption and set levels of mortality control.” -- Maurice King
“Society has no business to permit degenerates to reproduce their kind.” Theodore Roosevelt
“The present vast overpopulation, now far beyond the world carrying capacity, cannot be answered by future reductions in the birth rate due to contraception, sterilization and abortion, but must be met in the present by the reduction of numbers presently existing. This must be done by whatever means necessary.” -- Eco 92 Earth Charter
“There are many ways to make the death rate increase.” -- Robert McNamara
"Actually, the problem in the world is that there are too many rich people." -- Paul R. Ehrlich
"Move!" barked an IDF sow, jamming the snout of her Uzi into the backs of 2 Arab women, who winced innocently while I seethed, as if a few inches might make the line any shorter or faster. The bitch then turned to me, pawing at my papers to read my nephew-designed t-shirt. "Why don't you mind your own business?" I asked rhetorically, not interested in a reply, but she scanned me via RFID & oinked incoherently, as if that excused her obnoxious behavior. Friday August 9th 2019 began oddly enough with police banning cell phones, cameras, & reporters for midday prayers at the Islamic Dome of the Rock shrine atop 'Temple Mount', Al Aqsa Compound, & Haram esh-Sharif in East Jerusalem.
In his best Nazi goosestep imitation, 'the Donald' duckwalked to the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room podium in the White House West Wing at 9 am sharp & quacked, "I'm declaring martial law today to protect American liberty, in the wake of widespread chaos by disloyal Democrats, lying liberal media, & antifa anarchy. I'll sign executive orders to hold the DNC accountable, fine them billions, & add 4 more justices of my choosing to the Supreme Court. Sad that DC Mall cameras were too weak to record 6 million angels at my brilliant YUGE inauguration!" A sparse set of sycophant supporter reporters from Fox News, right wing radio, & other Murdock media, chanted in unison, "USA! Lock 'em up! Hail, Zion!"
Earlier, Trump's lard-ass Dick 'Tater' Cheney clone 'Bibi Face' Netanyahu had been terrorizing Palestinians nonstop by bulldozing homes, strafing with white phosphorus, & sniping at random with lethal ammunition, in prep for Tisha B'av, while moaning about temple destruction, & whining that Israel needed more tribute money. Meanwhile, his demolition team secretly wired Bir al-Arwah, Well of Souls, & the Guf inside the Foundation Stone to detonate a mosque full of Muslims at Friday prayers, blaming it on ISIS, which the media monopoly echoed. With the contentious site cleared of precious Islamic treasures & a prophesied rare red heifer ready, Israel proceeded with plans to build its 3rd temple. Most Ashkenazi Jews & pseudo-Christian Zionists were euphoric. Ready or not, they'd force their saviors to appear.
A cursory look at recent U.S. presidents (32-45) reveals some trivial tidbits: 1st 4-term president, who survived a fascist coup, 1st A-bomber president, who formed the CIA, Majestic 12, & NSA, yet felt more honored as top MO Mason, 1st ETO commander president, 1st president murdered by a huge conspiracy, including 3 future presidents in town that day, 2nd Johnson to succeed a slain president, 1st president to urge by letter another future president to run, after sitting with yet a 3rd at Bohemian Grove, 1st president unelected nor VP, 1st Trilateral Commission president, 1st actor president, 2 sinister secretive Bonesmen, 1st fake 'Black' president, 1st mixed-race former Muslim president, & 1st blatantly racist, misogynous, bankrupt, 'Jewish' mafia casino thug president, who lost by 3 million counted votes plus millions more disenfranchised votes.
Genocide by elites, likely Zionists who insist on a 6 million Jew holocaust, is etched in silent granite testimony 9 miles north of Elberton GA at 34°13′55″N 82°53′40″W since 3/22/1980. The Georgia Guidestones call for a 95+% reduction in human population, which is estimated to reach 7,777,777,777 in late 2019. For any who say the slabs are innocent assumption of a devastating 'accidental' nuclear war, global elite billionaire megalomaniacs waging that war from their insular bunkers are still to blame. Far more likely though, is a 95+% culling of humanity via means less destructive to property, like bioweaponry, neutron bombs, directed energy, sonic weapons, & Aussie vaporizers.
"The Georgia Guidestones are a granite monument erected in 1980 in Elbert County, Georgia, in the United States. A set of 10 guidelines is inscribed on the structure in eight modern languages and a shorter message is inscribed at the top of the structure in four ancient language scripts...A message consisting of a set of ten guidelines or principles is engraved on the Georgia Guidestones in eight different languages, one language on each face of the four large upright stones. Moving clockwise around the structure from due north, these languages are: English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, and Russian. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature. Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity. Unite humanity with a living new language. Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court. Avoid petty laws and useless officials. Balance personal rights with social duties. Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite. Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature...Let these be guidestones to an Age of Reason" -- Wikipedia
"Biological warfare and chemical warfare overlap to an extent, as the use of toxins produced by some living organisms is considered under the provisions of both the Biological Weapons Convention and the Chemical Weapons Convention . Toxins and psychochemical weapons are often referred to as midspectrum agents . Unlike bioweapons, these midspectrum agents do not reproduce in their host and are typically characterized by shorter incubation periods." -- Wikipedia
"A neutron bomb, officially termed one type of Enhanced Radiation Weapon (ERW), is a low yield thermonuclear weapon in which a burst of neutrons generated by a nuclear fusion reaction is intentionally allowed to escape the weapon, rather than being absorbed by its other components. The neutron bomb was to be used as a tactical nuclear weapon intended for use against armored forces." -- Wikipedia
"A directed-energy weapon (DEW) is a ranged weapon system that inflicts damage at a target by emission of highly focused energy, including laser, microwaves and particle beams. Potential applications of this technology include anti-personnel weapon systems, missile defense system, and the disabling of lightly armored vehicles or mounted optical devices" -- Wikipedia
"Sonic and ultrasonic weapons are weapons of various types that use sound to injure, incapacitate, or kill an opponent. Some sonic weapons are currently in limited use or in research and development by military and police forces. Some of these weapons have been described as sonic bullets, sonic grenades, sonic mines, or sonic cannons. Some make a focused beam of sound or ultrasound; some make an area field of sound." -- Wikipedia
"Metal Storm has created a 36-barreled stacked projectile volley gun, boasting the highest rate of fire in the world. The prototype array demonstrated a firing rate of just over 1 million rounds per minute for a 180-round burst of 0.01 seconds (~27,777 rpm / barrel). Firing within 0.1 seconds from up to 1600 barrels (at maximum configuration) the gun claimed a maximum rate of fire of 1.62 million RPM and creating a dense wall (0.1 m between follow-up projectiles) of 24,000 projectiles." -- Wikipedia
"Even though it may look, sound, and act like a death ray, China claims that its new long-range pain beam isn’t lethal. Considering the claim that it can cause “overwhelming pain,” though, a victim just might wish it killed them anyway. Ever since Transmetropolitan’s bowel disruptor terrified a dystopian future and Minority Report made the movie-going world wonder — if only for a fleeting moment — if they’d rather be shot with a bullet than hit with the sick stick, there have been actual weapons developed in the real world that seem straight out of science fiction. While it hasn’t been used to win a war just yet, the beginnings of sonic weaponry already exist, and the US Navy already has laser weaponry that is controlled with a device reminiscent of a video game controller. China’s new weapon, dubbed the Poly WB-1, doesn’t make you uncontrollably poop or incapacitate you through induced vomiting, but it burns you from the inside out from over half a mile (or one kilometer) away. The Poly WB-1 uses millimeter wave beams to excite the water molecules within a victim until they heat up, causing overwhelming — but non-lethal — pain. Basically, it’s like a household kitchen microwave turned into a long-range, targeted weapon. As you can see from the image to the right, the beam is attached to a very conspicuous truck, complete with military colors and emergency lights — you don’t have to worry about someone sneaking it through a security checkpoint at an airport or concert just yet. Publicly, at least, the Poly WB-1 isn’t slated for miniaturization just yet, but will instead be attached to ships. While a pain beam sounds absolutely terrifying, it’s arguably a step in a safer direction for military conflict than the tried-and-true lethal favorites of bullets, bombs, and fire. It’s also a much safer alternative to weapons that use chemical or biological agents. Though the Poly WB-1 sounds like it’s from the future, it’s not the first non-lethal pain beam that acts like a microwave. The US developed its own microwave pain beam back in 2007, the Raytheon Active Denial System, as a means of crowd control. It was deployed in 2010, but wasn’t ever used — reportedly because of a 16-hour boot time, and massive fuel cost if left in standby mode after boot — and recalled the same year. It was also a satellite-like object placed atop a truck. Even if China has figured out the boot time and fuel cost, it may be keeping the weapon as insurance or a looming threat, rather than actually using it — the negative publicity of a long-range pain beam that microwaves people might be too much for China to handle if the rest of the world has a problem with it. For now, just be glad you can’t sneak that thing through a metal detector." -- extemetech.com
"Radio-frequency identification (RFID) uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects. The tags contain electronically stored information. Passive tags collect energy from a nearby RFID reader's interrogating radio waves. Active tags have a local power source such as a battery and may operate at hundreds of meters from the RFID reader. Unlike a barcode, the tag need not be within the line of sight of the reader, so it may be embedded in the tracked object. RFID is one method for Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC). RFID tags are used in many industries, for example, an RFID tag attached to an automobile during production can be used to track its progress through the assembly line; RFID-tagged pharmaceuticals can be tracked through warehouses; and implanting RFID microchips in livestock and pets allows for positive identification of animals. Since RFID tags can be attached to cash, clothing, and possessions, or implanted in animals and people, the possibility of reading personally-linked information without consent has raised serious privacy concerns. These concerns resulted in standard specifications development addressing privacy and security issues. ISO/IEC 18000 and ISO/IEC 29167 use on-chip cryptography methods for untracebility, tag and reader authentication, and over-the-air privacy. ISO/IEC 20248 specifies a digital signature data structure for RFID and barcodes providing data, source and read method authenticity. This work is done within ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 31 Automatic identification and data capture techniques. Tags can also be used in shops to expedite checkout, and to prevent theft by customers and employees. In 2014, the world RFID market was worth US$8.89 billion, up from US$7.77 billion in 2013 and US$6.96 billion in 2012. This figure includes tags, readers, and software/services for RFID cards, labels, fobs, and all other form factors. The market value is expected to rise to US$18.68 billion by 2026." -- Wikipedia
"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic..." ~Arthur C. Clarke
"It is completely clear that the state which is first to create such [psychotronic] weapons will achieve incomparable superiority." ~Major I. Chernishev, Russian army
"Whoever controls the best directed energy weapons controls the world without guns or bullets." ~Vladimir Putin
"With Remote Neural Monitoring Humanity is the Think Tank...Artificial intelligence is at the heart of the conspiracy." ~Omnisense
"It seems AI has the power of the Matrix (in the movie) without the need for us to be in a pod plugged in." ~Andrew Hale
"We have things in the Nevada desert that are alien to your way of thinking far beyond anything you see on Star Trek...If you've seen it in Star Trek or Star Wars, we've been there and done that." ~Ben Rich, Lockheed Skunkworks Program Manager
Perhaps for his temerity in asking Bonesmen about 322, veteran journalist Tim Russert was pronounced dead at 2:23 pm 6/13/2008. "When Tim Russert asked President George W. Bush what the Skull and Bones special number - 322 ­ signified Bush replied that this was a secret. Senator John Kerry, who ran against Bush in 2004, is also a member of this ultra-secret society. He also refused to tell us what the number 322 meant to Skull and Bones. Skull and Bones is a German secret organization that successfully transferred itself across the Atlantic Ocean in the early 1800's. When you back-engineer the secret societies from which the German version of Skull and Bones emerged one finds a strange fascination with Mars. March is the only month of the year that is named after a specific planet in the solar system. It is also the first day of spring as well as the first day in the zodiacal sign of Aries, which is the Greek word for Mars, and it is where 'March' gets its name. The number 322 is vitally important to these secret societies especially Skull and Bones, which has the number, enshrined in their tomb at Yale. The number 322 is actually the number for March 22nd. The first day of Aries, also called Mars. The great alchemist Fulcanelli was a member of a secret society in Europe. He tells us of a secret elite that rule the world. In his obscure book Mystery of the Cathedrals he tells us that there is a secret science called alchemy that only the elites understand. He also tells us that all alchemy begins in Aries (Mars)." -- rense.com "Fulcanelli was the name used by a French alchemist and esoteric author, whose identity is still debated. The name Fulcanelli seems to be a play on words: Vulcan, the ancient Roman god of fire, plus El, a Canaanite name for God and so the Sacred Fire." -- Wikipedia
"Skull and Bones is an undergraduate senior secret student society at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. The oldest senior class society at the university, Skull and Bones has become a cultural institution known for its powerful alumni and various conspiracy theories. The society's alumni organization, the Russell Trust Association, owns the organization's real estate and oversees the membership. The society is known informally as "Bones", and members are known as "Bonesmen"." -- Wikipedia
"The order was incorporated in 1856 by General William Huntington Russell, and Alphonso Taft who became Secretary of War under President Grant in 1876. The numerical value of this year is 1+8+7+6 = 22, and the numerical motto for Skull and Bones is 322, or 3 x’s 22 which you will see below is not a coincidence. In numerology, the number 22 is often called the Master Builder. The Phoenician-Hebrews possess 22 books and their alphabet is made up of 22 letters, which was created to compose the Word of God. The Kabbalah teaches us that the letters of the Hebrew alphabet are the building blocks of universe. The underlying occult scientific significance of the number 22 in science would represent the bones of the skull, of which there are twenty-two. 8 form the cranium, or braincase, and 14 are associated with the face. Our brains are what we use to think, reason and come to know the divine or God. The 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet created to compose the Word of God is our 22 boned skull, and the place where we receive the light to become illuminated, or enlightened beings. Hence, to be like Saint John and have our own Revelation. This is why I believe Skull and Bones had chosen the number 22 as the master builders of a New World Order (NWO). This fact would be validated by Bonesmen, former CIA director and President, George HW Bush; who in the video below taken from National television, makes no bones about their Apocalyptic plans for a New World Order. Please keep in mind that this speech of biblical proportions was done on 9-11-1991, and it was exactly 10 years later to the day that the U.S. suffered an attack on the World Trade Center Towers. Shortly thereafter his son George W. Bush would begin the war in Iraq. Now I would like to theorize about the number 66 and the connection to the Skull and Bones numerical motto of 322…In the bible, the Number 66 is the numerical value of the Wheel from the Hebrew Galgal, which is very similar to the word Google; meaning a wheel, whirl, whirlwind, or simply Chaos. The meaning of Gal, Gul or Gull, is to trick or to cheat. The word “curse” is used 66 times in the Old Testament. “As for the wheels, it was cried unto them in my hearing, O wheel.” – Ezekiel 10.13 This chaos of tricks may be indicative of the CIA domestic counter terrorism plan founded under Skull and Bones member, James Jesus Angleton who was called the “Mother of the Central Intelligence Agency.” Angleton was directly responsible for a domestic espionage project called Operation CHAOS, and had coined the phrase, “Deception is a state of mind and the mind of the State.” Hence, from this point forward the CIA would play a central role in creating chaos both domestically and abroad, or ORDO AB CHAO which is the motto of the 33rd degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry." -- gnosticwarrior.com
“Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men's views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.” ― Woodrow Wilson, The New Freedom
Bilderberger elites met for the 66th time 6/7-10/2018 in Turin Italy. "The key topics for discussion this year include: Populism in Europe, The inequality challenge, The future of work, Artificial intelligence, The US before midterms, Free trade, US world leadership, Russia, Quantum computing, Saudi Arabia and Iran, The 'post-truth' world, & Current events" -- bilderbergermeetings.org "The Bilderberg meeting is an annual conference established in 1954 by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands 'to foster dialogue between Europe and North America'. Participants are European and North American political leaders, experts from industry, finance, academia, and the media. The meetings are held under the Chatham House Rule. The Bilderberg meetings are also unofficially called the 'Bilderberg Group', 'Bilderberg conference' or 'Bilderberg Club'." -- Wikipedia
"The Bilderberg Group meets annually at the world’s most ritzy hotels and resorts, surrounded by an armada of armed private security and local police, for a closed-door, three-day forum involving about 140 top corporate titans, technology gurus, select royalty, central bankers, former and current intelligence officials, think-tank fellows, and select reporters and editors who leave their ethics and notebooks at the gate. The sitting head of NATO attends every year. Most attendees come from Europe and North America." -- americanfreepress.net
"Although geographically separate, the city-states of London, the Vatican, and the District of Colombia are one interlocking empire called Empire of The City. The flag of Washington’s District of Colombia has three red stars, one for each city-state in the three city empire. This Corporate Empire of three city-states controls the world economically through London’s inner-city, militarily through the District of Colombia, and spiritually through the Vatican. From the mystery religions of ancient Egypt to the Zionist role in 9/11, Ring Of Power 'unrevises' 4000 years of revisionist human history with never - before - seen revelations." -- gematrianews.com
"California Wildfires: Role of Undisclosed Atmospheric Manipulation and Geoengineering SAN DIEGO, Nov. 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- California Governor Jerry Brown blames climate change for the currently raging wildfires in California. A recently published scientific article challenges that assertion, and reveals a fundamentally different underlying cause for the California wildfire severity that officials have neglected to disclose. Published October 1, 2018 in the Journal of Geography, Environment and Earth Science International, the scientific article by J. Marvin Herndon, PhD, of Transdyne Corporation and Mark Whiteside, MD, MPH, a Florida Department of Health physician, reveals an unrecognized source of causality leading to increases in combustibility, intensity, and the extent of California, wildfires, and the concomitant harm to human and environmental health. The authors, as noted in the article, "review the evidence that atmospheric manipulation utilizing aerosolized coal fly ash is a primary factor in the extent and severity of forest fires in California and elsewhere; adverse effects include exacerbation of drought, tree and vegetation die- off and desiccation, and unnaturally heating the atmosphere and surface regions of Earth." Jet-spraying tiny particles into the region where clouds form, instead of compensating for global warming as some climate scientists wrongly believe, does quite the opposite including, as the article reveals, inhibiting rainfall, retarding heat loss from the surface, contributing to global warming, blocking the flow of moisture-laden clouds from the Pacific, causing climate chaos, poisoning the environment, and posing serious potential health risks to humans. The article further reveals, "Forest combustibility is increased by moisture-absorbing aerosolized particles that damage the waxy coatings of leaves and needles, reducing their tolerance to drought. The aerial climate manipulation using coal fly ash greatly increases the potential for forest fire ignition by lightning. In addition as the article discloses, "Wildfires dramatically worsen baseline air pollution, emitting harmful gases and volatile organic compounds, and they both concentrate and re-emit toxic elements and radioactive nuclides over a wide area." As the article states, "The type of air pollution created by wildfires is associated with increased all-cause mortality, with the greatest impact on respiratory and cardiovascular disease. Studies have shown that aerosolized coal fly ash is an important risk factor for chronic lung disease, lung cancer and neurodegenerative disease. Failure to recognize multifold adverse consequences of jet-spraying particulates into the atmosphere … will continue the progression of ever-accelerating ecological disasters." The undisclosed jet-sprayed tiny particles do not remain in the region where clouds form, but mix with the air we breathe posing, without informed consent, human and environmental health calamities. No one has the right to poison the air we breathe or to corrupt our planet's complex and interrelated natural processes that makes life on Earth possible. The raging severity of the California wildfires should be a wakeup call for prudent citizens to demand an immediate and permanent halt to all geoengineering activities." -- bizjournals.com
"Conspiracy Confirmed: US Government Openly Meets To Discuss Future of Chemtrails/Geoengineering 11/11/2017 Wednesday marked the first time that the U.S. government openly acknowledged and discussed the reality of chemtrails—or as they and their ilk call it, “geoengineering.” Politicians and members of various fields convened for the US House Subcommittee on Environment and Subcommittee on Energy Hearing, discussing everything from funding the controversial sky-spraying operations to closely regulating them to prevent significant damage to the public. “One concern,” said Committee Chairman Lamar Smith during the hearing, “is that brightening clouds could alter rain patterns, making it rain more in some places or less in others. We still do not know enough about this subject to thoroughly understand the pros and cons of these types of technologies.” Described by some as a “coming out party” for the entire geoengineering industry, the hearing also acted as a way to legitimize the field and gain federal funding from the Trump Administration. [Philip] Rasch and [Joseph] Majkut are two climate specialists who testified Wednesday…on the potential for “geoengineering” — a catchall for proposals to directly cool the atmosphere or pull carbon emissions from it. “One idea gaining traction is to seed marine clouds with salt water or other particles, increasing their potential to reflect solar rays, cooling the earth. Its part of nascent and controversial branch of science known as “sunlight reflection methods,” or SRM. “’We think SRM could buy time for other (carbon-reduction) measures to be put in place,” said…Rasch, chief climate scientist for the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, Washington. “’If the worst case scenarios of global warming come to pass,” [added Majkut,] “these technologies could be used to help people, saving lives and economies from the worst effects of climate change.” America’s own elected representatives, along with key specialists in a variety of fields, are openly discussing spraying the sky with potentially-toxic materials. It’s an irony too bitter to handle after years of disinformation and social ostracization against the so-called “conspiracy theorists” who were convinced that large airliners high in the sky were spraying something…unnatural. But it hasn’t only been online speculators—numerous studies have suggested someone is spraying something into the sky, and sometimes with toxic consequences. “The widespread, intentional and increasingly frequent chemical emplacement in the troposphere,” reads one study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research, “has gone unidentified and unremarked in the scientific literature for years.” “The author presents evidence that toxic coal combustion fly ash is the most likely aerosolized particulate sprayed by tanker-jets for geoengineering, weather-modification and climate-modification purposes and describes some of the multifold consequences on public health.” Despite openly advocating for what was once ridiculed as a conspiracy theory—and which has plenty of evidence suggesting it could be harmful to the public’s health—attendees at the hearing casually discussed the importance of “regulating” upcoming geoengineering operations. Jerry McNerney, a Congressman from California, announced his plans to oversee any such spraying initiatives, including urging the Energy Department to support two new reports by the National Academy of Sciences, one of which includes suggestions on how to regulate the practice. A significant motive for chemtrailing seems to be centered on combating climate change. Chairman smith emphasized, “…we are not sure this is plausible, some scientists believe it could achieve substantial environmental benefits at a cheaper cost than regulations,” adding that there was, indeed, a potential for “unintended consequences of geoengineering.”" -- davidwolfe.com
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JoJo's OC Tournament #3: R1 M8 - Tsao Xu and Dr. Jekyll vs. ?????

The Results are in for match 6! The winner is…   The Good Vibrations, with a score of 66 to Cosmic Fire’s 33!
Category Winner Point Totals Comments
Popularity The Good Vibrations 32-8 A massive popularity lead from The Good Vibrations led to a massive boost in score as well. To the credit of Cosmic Fire, many of these votes highlighted was a difficult decision this was.
Quality The Good Vibrations 22-14 Reasoning.
JoJolity The Good Vibrations 12-11 Reasoning
Despite coming close on JoJolity, ultimately Cosmic Fire had an unfortunately low Pop score and the Quality score followed a similar path, which compounded to what was an insurmountable difference in score. If you are itching to vote right now, then voting for a chain-whipping cleric fighting an unholy dragon atop mighty steeds is still underway at this location.
Hearing tell of a Stand User who commands an entire army is enticing to say the least. Someone with that much power and influence would be a great addition to any team of Stand Users looking to collect the artifacts. It is for this reason, this great tactical advantage to be had for the coming war that Tsao Xu has found himself on the doorstep of the enigmatic philanthropist Flori Dada, driven out there by Blue Monday, on the strength of a tip he was given. The lavish Californian estate, complete with several helipads, pools, ballrooms and a nearly limitless number of rooms and halls would impress those who deemed material possessions worth any value… As such,Tsao Xu was unimpressed. However, the man standing beside the withered corpse of a man would have to admit, it was kinda impressive. Even with all Dr.Jekyll’s knowledge and expertise… Money was a common denominator that bent all mortal men to its’ will.
Normally, when two stand users got together like this, both looking for the same thing and only one of them able to have it, a fight would inevitably break out… But without any aggression from Tsao and Jekyll not being sure if Tsao was dead or not… no such confrontation was to occur.
So the two stood on the, rather large, doorstep for quite a while. Neither spoke, Tsao for he was simply unable, and Jekyll because he didn’t make it a point to speak to corpses. After a solid hour of silence...Jekyll finally broke down and rang the doorbell. Not a moment later did a rotund man, dressed in the finest robes and jewels open the door. A warm wind rolled over the two stand users from inside the house, smelling of cinnamon and of the finest oils and fragrances. The honey sweet aroma was, however, soiled by the positively rancid smell rolling off the clearly unwashed man in front of them. While he was dressed finer than the greatest of british royalty, his skin was coated in a thick sheen of grease and crusted bodily fluids, his hair a matted mix of grey and black with fleck of brown that looked like dirt, but the smell made it seem like something different. The man smiled a single toothed smile and spoke, his breath smelling like death itself had chosen his mouth as his base of operations. “Heyo ho yu doin! Yu ere ta see Mr.Dada?”
“Oh god…” Jekyll’s mind nearly collapsed at the sight before him. His brain made stupid from the sheer affront to all his senses. “Y-Yes, I am here to speak to a ‘Flori Dada’. Is he in?” “Oh yea, Mr.Dada’s en es study, il show ya to em!” The large man let out a shallow chuckle before gently picking up Tsao and leading Jekyll to into the home.
The pair were lead though corridor after corridor, hall after hall. Each packed full of men and women similar to their guid, dressed like kings and queens yet clearly fresh off the streets and unwashed.
The group wandered through the house for a solid ten or so minutes, their guide chatting away happily, Jekyll trying his best to contain his mounting frustration and hatred of the man leading their path and Tsao gently mumbling wisdoms untold to the passers by. Eventually the group made it to the main hall. A veritable colosseum filled with gibbering mad men all dressed in the finest this world has to offer.
“Why are we stopping here? You said Flori was in his Study!” Jekyll sneered at their guide who put Tsao down and waddled into the crowd, all but disappearing. “Wait you simpleton!” The sudden sound of static cut through the room and silenced the low murmur of the masses. The large monitor on the hall’s south wall suddenly burst to life, as the image of a thin, tall man in an orange and green striped Zoot Suit seated in a lavish armchair filled the screen “WHY hello there,” The man’s voice was posh and his syllables drawn out, “It is so nice to meet you both… Is what I would like to say had I been in the main ballroom with you. Unfortunately, I’m in my study, as you can see,” A small voice from the crowd shouted something that sounded like ‘I told you so’
“I don’t like this…” Jekyll sneered as he eyed the screen. Things were not adding up.
“Allow me to introduce myself!” The man said, standing from his chair. “I am Flori Dada! The owner of the estate you have so rudely broken into! And just when I was having a party for all my housemates. How utterly insensitive of you!”
“To call a land your own is foolish,” murmured Tsao, his quiet voice reaching all who were present. “The land we stand on has been for time immeasurable, and it shall for eons after you are naught but dust...”
“Tch,” Flori leaned into the camera, his sharp face filling the screen. “Oh, what was that?! I see! Oh yes I see I do indeed I see! You two have not only tracked dirt and filth into my home but now you insult me? Ohhh Huhuhu! There is only one way to rectify this: Payment! Yes, all things have a price! Men, Women, Children! All have a price, and all will be paid to me… The only question is what should the price be. Let me think...” Flori tapped his chin as he retreated back to his chair and flopped down in it. His tongue flopped out of his mouth as a deranged look spread across his face.“Oh! I’ve got it! You both tell me the locations of your Artifacts, and I’ll only take your kidneys as a finder’s fee!”
“Hmm... I should have known a Stand User of your renown would be hunting the artifacts as well.” Jekyll’s snere turned into a smirk as he looked up to the screen the power of [Go Robot] beginning to manifest.
“If ignorant of both your enemy and of yourself, you are certain to be in peril…” Tsao’s [High Mountain and Running River] began to coil around him as he spoke.
“Gyuhuhuhu!” Flori laughed as he jumped to his feet and nearly tackled the camera, “Attention! All filth that suckle on MY teet! There are two intruders in the estate! I wish for them to become the richest of you all! Give unto them all I have given unto you, and then kill them! Kill them and bring it back to me! The filth that brings me their heads will be given the shares of all who die trying! Gyuhuhuhu!”
The camera feed died with one final, echoing laugh…
The crowd-turned-army slowly turned to the pair standing by the main doors of the hall.
“...Geet em!”

*Challenger: *

Flori Dada
Sex: Male
Age: 25
Species: Human
Physical Stats:
Strength: 2 (Average)
Durability: 2 (Tougher than he looks, but he look particularly frail so it evens out to average.)
Speed: 2(Average running speed.)
Physical Skill - Sleight of hand: 4 (Unless being directly watched, Flori can get his hands just about anywhere)
Special Knowledge - Value: 4 (Can assess the monetary value of almost any object at a glance)
**Appearance: A tall lanky man of six foot ten in a cheap knock off orange and green striped Zoot Suit with short, similarly colored hair. Wears a permanent toothy smile and and goatee with the same horizontal stripes as his suit, and hair trimmed to read “Flori Dada” with the word Flori above his lip, and the word Dada wrapped around his chin.
Equipment: Pocket Knife, wad of several hundred dollar bills, rolex watch, several gemstones including diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and fools gold.
Personality: Flori Dada is, by all outward appearances and accounts, a good, wholesome, and moral man. He seems to dedicate himself fully and wholly to his work. His facade is one of a fully altruistic man who cares little for his own safety, financial stability or comfort, and instead dedicates his time to fully supporting those less fortunate than himself. Where he gets his vast fortune to do so is unknown. In reality, though, Flori is a sociopath with little to no redeeming qualities in the slightest. He puts on this visage of the well natured philanthropist to aid in feeding his messiah complex. He feeds on those he helps, driving them to worship him as if he were a god.
Though, his wealth does come from somewhere. A black market deal for a few organs, a few shipments of able bodied men and women into the slave trade… it doesn't matter where they go, so long as those who no longer need him or worship him leave his estate, he honestly couldn’t care. Neither could those homeless souls who call his grand estate refuge. Who cares if one or two of them disappear in the night… as long as they all have warm food and a roof over their head.
Stand - [Golden Gal]
Destructive Power: C (Stand cannot punch all that hard, this covers it’s secondary ability.)
Speed: B (Effects of the primary ability are nearly instant, movement speed is average)
Range: A (Range of primary effect is world wide, however manifestation is only a few meters)
Durability: E (Stand is very frail. A few good hits will incapacitate)
Precision: B (Enables fine manipulation and great accuracy with secondary ability)
Stand Appearance
[Golden Gal] manifests as a tall, lanky man with rail thin limbs made entirely of a transparent material with a feeling similar to blown glass. [Golden Gal] is entirely hollow with a hole in each of its finger tips and several in its back. The stand’s head resembles that of a rabbit. The stand is entirely covered in Orange and Green stripes.
Stand Ability
[Golden Gal] has two abilities:
Taste of Coke: Prevents any person or stand belonging to that person who ether currently has more wealth on their person than Flori Dada to harm Flori in any way. This can take the form of an insurmountable force that repels any incoming harm directed towards Flori from a source with more wealth on their person. This includes inanimate objects if their value is greater than the sum of objects currently on Flori.
Paves the Golden Way: An object inserted into the holes on [Golden Gal]’s back will be fired from one of the holes on its fingers at a high velocity. This velocity is directly proportional to the value of the object inserted. A penny will simply flob out of the end of [Golden Gal’s] finger, while a diamond will be fired out at 800m/s, nearly twice the speed of a bullet.
Fighting Style
Flori likes to keep himself away from his opponent and put as many valuable objects between himself and them as possible, playing keep away and being defensive with his movements. Slowly, he will pelt them with valuables until they become far more wealthy than him, at which point he will switch tactics and be far more aggressive with his shots and focus on kill shots and disabling shots.
Inside Flori’s entrance mansion, a mansion he uses as a foyer for his main estate. Inside the mansion is a veritable army of the homeless people, each fiercely loyal to Flori and willing to both kill and die for him. Each has been told that the one who brings Flori your head will receive five million dollars and permanent residence in the estate, needless to say, they’re out for blood.
Both combatants start in the main Ballroom, marked with a black dot, Flori is located in his study, marked with a red dot. Flori is free to move about his mansion as he sees fit, the combatants on the other hand will need to fight through his army of the down wealthy bums to get to him. Each room is nearly full of these people.
Players must find Flori and RETIRE him by any means necessary. Leaving simply is NOT an option. His entire estate is crawling with guards. Stand User or not… you won’t make it far, unless you can take down their commander first.
Team Combatant JoJolity
The Combined Forces of Bikini Bottom and Jaded Justice Dr.Jekyll and Tsao Xu "Where did your pride go!?" - Try and prevent as many deaths as possible. The squatters have nothing to do with this...
??? Flori Dada “MAKE EVERYONE HAPPY!”. - Make sure as many of your subjects die as possible. Then you can redistribute what they had to everyone else! Thus making everyone, who is alive, happy.
Spectators, if you would like to interact with the tournament community and get news first about tournament events, please feel free to PM a member of our Judge staff and request an invite to the Official Tournament Discord Server.

Link to the Player spreadsheet.

Match Number Player Count Objective/Deathmatch PlayeTeam 1 PlayeTeam 2 Stage Description Date
Match 1 1v1 Deathmatch Clarence Creedwater Felix Arrowsmith Just make sure the ice doesn’t crack beneath you… Jan. 4th
Match 2 1v1 Objective Lucil Caravan Buffalo Soldier There’s a fox on the run… And you’ve got to catch it! Jan. 6th
Match 3 2v2 Deathmatch Blake Falstaff, Mr. Moon, and Bas Haze Marco F. Caine and Geoff Wetton Visibility is low, and it’s cold as hell… This is the tundra, I guess. Jan. 8th
Match 4 1v1 Objective Blue Monday ‘Crowbar’ Jackson $500, three hours, and an underground casino. Get as rich as you can! Jan. 10th
Match 5 1v1 Deathmatch ‘Lazarus’ Judas Saxon This coaster is pretty rickety… Hopefully it’ll last the fight! Jan. 12th
Match 6 2v2 Objective Simon ‘Jack’ Rodgers and Basilio Goltero Santos Sarah ‘Stratovarius’ Williams and Kent Jerrod Moore You have to stop your train from crashing! Wait, there are robbers too?! Jan. 14th
Match 7 1v1 Deathmatch Dragomir Mrovich Stephen ‘Steppy’ Morris Bumper cars are lonely with two people… But they’re perfect with just one! Jan. 16th
Match 8 2v1 Boss Match Tsao Xu Dr. Jekyll A homeless army, and their loathsome king... Jan. 18th
Match 9 2v2 Deathmatch Nick Mason and Eleanor Rigby ‘Mute’ (River Eiselidge) and Baron Mordechai A nice pleasant cruise… Except for two small problems…! Jan. 20th
Match 10 1v1 Deathmatch ‘Monster’ Seido Shuto There should be a base up in these mountains… But there shouldn’t be another climber! Time to fix that. Jan. 22nd
Match 11 1v1 Objective Rory Raccoon Grace Vincent Two intruders, waging a quiet war in a top secret base. Jan. 24th
Match 12 2v2 Deathmatch Stu Steel E. and Fabian Gibson John ‘Jaco’ Pastorius and Michael McClane Hopefully there’ll be something to find on this island… Besides the shipwreck survivors, I mean. Jan. 26th
Match 13 1v1 Objective Anna Rose Ken Nard … It’s time to slam now! Jan. 28th
Match 14 1v1 Deathmatch Bremen Mary Ann You don’t have to be faster than the swarm… You only have to be faster than the other guy! Jan. 30th
Match 15 2v2 Objective MAKS_13 and Manny Elflad Bond Jovi and Crispin Freeman A Stand-Using robber has set a bomb in the mall! Make sure it doesn’t go off. Feb. 1st
Match 16 2v1 Boss Match Gregor Yuvecksky Lance Fight for your life in an abandoned cathedral! Feb. 3rd
Match 17 1v1 Deathmatch Henry Jenkins Akiyoshi ‘Aki’ Yamamato The ground far beneath you, the wind in your hair… There’s nothing quite like bungee jumping. Feb. 5th
Match 18 2v2 Objective Thela Hun Ginjeet and Soichi Utsumi) Roger Waters and Donatello Blackwell ‘Row’ as in ‘rowboats’, obviously. What did you think I meant? Feb. 7th
Match 19 1v1 Objective Damon Aurel Ivan Abaduboi A rural English town hit with a nasty… Rainstorm?! Feb. 9th
Match 20 1v1 Deathmatch Jim Ledbetter Johnny Leever Two truck drivers racing down the highway, while the stowaways have a battle of their own! Feb. 11th
Match 21 2v2 Objective Miras Atrium and Henry Walshman Amaki Castillo and Ortaz Ivanov An erupting volcano, and a straight path down… Time to run! Feb. 13th
Match 22 1v1 Deathmatch Furo Raida Daniel Cali Two foes duke it out on a fishing boat, assaulted by the weather! Feb. 15th
Match 23 1v1 Objective Tyler Bonnie Chloe Jay, Chloe Kay, and Chloe Elle Don’t worry, buddy. Prisoners stick together. I’ll protect you, no matter what! Feb. 17th
Match 24 2v2 Deathmatch Russ Teneo and Jules Langlias Henry Muller and Qiao Si Zhou Four Stand Users, two cars, and an empty highway... Feb. 19th
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Euro Palace Casino 100 free spins no deposit bonus + $600 free chips

Euro Palace Casino 100 free spins no deposit bonus + $600 free chips

Source: https://freespins1.com/euro-palace-casino/
Euro Palace Casino Review
Some online casino players pay no attention to what a casino looks like as long as the games are great. But if you are a player who insists on the best of both, look no further than Euro Palace!
Like the name says, the elegant palatial surroundings will please the most discriminating players. Instead of being jarring and distracting with clashing colors and oversized images, the understated, uncluttered site with an attractive dark blue background provides the perfect setting for letting the games take center stage. Think in terms of being pampered in a top of the line, full service European casino, but without the travel time and expensive airfare or need to get dressed up.
Of course, no casino should be judged on appearance alone, and Euro Palace online casino has a lot more going for it. For starters, Euro Palace is a member of the highly regarded Fortune Lounge group of casinos, which includes the separately reviewed Platinum Play, Royal Vegas, and 7 Sultans (and a few others), so you know this place is in good company. Euro Palace, like these other casinos, is owned by Digimedia, Ltd., licenced by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta, eCogra certified, and powered by state-of-the-art software from Microgaming.
Even though Euro Palace, established in 2010, is relatively new compared to the other casinos mentioned, there is no question that it, too, is a reputable business where your money is safe and you will be treated fairly. The eCogra seal of approval means that all of the games have met this organization’s stringent standards. The Microgaming label is also a reassuring sign. Microgaming is internationally renowned as one of the most trustworthy providers in the business. Furthermore, Microgaming continually updates its software in order to give its users the most technologically up-to-date products possible with consistently superior performance, graphics, and sound.
Another important feature of Microgaming casinos is the tremendous variety of games. In fact, every month Microgaming releases new games to add to its already vast collection. So if you were thinking that Euro Palace might be a small boutique casino with only a limited number of games, far from it. You will feel like a king or queen with the hundreds of options that are always available any hour of the day or night. And when you see the generous Welcome Bonus you can get when you sign up, you will really feel like royalty!
Downloading the user friendly software onto your computer is quick and easy, and within minutes you will have full access to all 500 games. Of, if you prefer you can choose the no download instant play flash version offering about 150 games plus the ability to play on any browser. Another option is to access select Euro Palace games anytime anywhere on your mobile device.
Unsurprisingly, much like Europe has become a favorite destination for travelers from all over the world, Euro Palace has become a popular online casino destination for sophisticated players from many countries. Unfortunately, no one from the U.S. can play, but if this site is available to you, check it out today. Euro Palace could become your favorite virtual casino to visit often, too!


If you are like most casino gamblers, you probably have a few go to games that you play often, but you also like to break the monotony by introducing some variety. Euro Palace is the perfect online casino to enjoy both options. With more than 500 exciting games to choose from, which is not only an exceptionally large number for an online casino, but more than you will find even in many land-based casinos, it’s a safe bet that your favorite games will be there.
However, whenever you are in the mood to try something different, you can. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, bet small, big or in between, and prefer slots or table games, or a little of everything, Euro Palace has the right games for your taste and bankroll.
If you love the slots, Euro Palace has so many that you may have a tough time deciding which to play first. You can choose from classic 3-reel slots, pub slots, and always exciting 5-reel video slots like Tomb Raider, The Dark Knight Rises, and Thunderstruck II. Or try your luck at one of Microgaming’s own fantastic progressive slots like Mega Moolah, Major Millions, and King Cashalot, where life changing jackpots are waiting to be won.
Keep in mind that slots count 100% towards meeting the playthrough requirements for the generous Welcome Bonus you earn when you sign up, and slot play also earns loyalty points a lot faster than most other games. Besides the hundreds of regular slot games, there are lots of opportunities to try to add to your winnings in slot tournaments.
If table games are more to your liking, you won’t be disappointed either. For example, instead of American roulette with a double zero wheel and 5.26 house edge, you can play the much more favorable to the player French roulette. Other options include Premier roulette, multi-wheel roulette, where you can have up to 8 wheels working for you at once, and the progressive game Roulette Royale.
If you play blackjack, you have an even greater choice. For example, you can play Atlantic City, European, Las Vegas Strip, or Las Vegas Downtown versions of the game. Or you can play classic or double exposure blackjack. You can also play multi-hand versions of these games. To maximize your chance of winning, just be sure to brush up on any rule or basic strategy changes beforehand if you decide to play a form of blackjack that is not familiar to you.
Last but certainly not least, you can take your online play to a whole new level at the live dealer blackjack, roulette, and baccarat tables. The experience of actually watching the dealer in action and even carrying on a conversation with the dealer and other players might almost make you forget that you are logged on to Euro Palace online casino. You will feel like you are playing in a real European casino. But in some ways, it is even better because of all the extra betting options you have that you will probably not be offered in a land-based casino at all.
First, you can play at more than one table simultaneously. Second, if you are playing blackjack, you can take advantage of a special “Bet Behind” feature. Even if your own luck hasn’t been that great, if you spot another player who is on a hot streak, you can place a bet behind that player’s. You are betting that the lucky player will win another consecutive hand. Finally, as if playing live dealer games online with a traditional dealer isn’t exciting enough, you can select a Playboy Bunny to be your dealer!
Clearly, with so many choices, your chance of ever being bored at Euro Palace is virtually non-existent. More good news is that there is no really bad choice you can make because all of the games have been independently certified for fairness by eCogra. Other reviewers have reported that the average payout for all games combined at this casino is about 98%. This is excellent if indeed these figures are still accurate. However, this reviewer was surprised not to have been able to access the monthly updated information on the website like with other Microgaming casinos.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Euro Palace is an international destination so, just as you would expect, the casino offers a wide choice of banking methods, and USD, EUR, and CAD are all accepted along with several other currencies. Most deposit methods can also be used for withdrawal, but check with the casino to make certain. If you use one of the preferred banking methods listed at the beginning of this review, you receive an extra 10% bonus on your first deposit (up to $100) on top of the regular Welcome Bonus.
Withdrawals take 24 hours to process. The amount of additional time needed to receive the funds varies with the method.
Regardless of which banking method you select, state-of-the-art digital encryption technology ensures that all of your personal information and financial transactions are kept completely private and secure.

Welcome Bonus

Virtually all credible online casinos offer new players signing up a Welcome Bonus, but therein the similarity ends. Amounts, terms, and conditions vary greatly, but the Euro Palace bonus is one of the better ones. Actually, players have a choice between two generous bonuses, a regular one for most players of up to $600 and a High Roller bonus of up to $2000 for those depositing and playing more money.
Keep in mind that only slots and parlor games count 100% towards meeting the wagering requirements. The contribution of other games is negligible, so in practice, these bonuses are best used for slots only.
Despite these restrictions, either bonus is a good deal because you only have to play through the bonus, not the bonus plus your deposit, as at many other casinos. Afterwards, your deposit, any winnings, and the bonus are all yours to keep. Small bettors accepting the regular bonus are, of course, free to deposit less than the maximum and take a smaller bonus requiring less play.
This reviewer found the descriptions of the bonuses and terms and conditions a little hard to follow due to the need to keep opening up different windows. It would be helpful to players to have the information better organized. If you have any questions about the bonus or any other casino matter, Customer Support is available 24/7 via live chat, phone, or email. The service is offered in 10 different languages.

Loyalty Programme

Don’t worry about the casino not recognizing and appreciating your play after the Welcome Bonus. Euro Palace rewards player loyalty by treating all regular players like royalty. Obviously, the more often you play and the more you bet, the more you are rewarded. However, you can still get many benefits even if you are not a high roller.
That is because all real money players are automatically enrolled in the Euro Palace 4-tiered Loyalty Rewards Program from day 1. The more you play, the more reward points you earn, which once you accumulate enough (5,000 or multiples thereof), you can redeem them for cash credits (with no further wagering required). Slots and parlor games earn points at the fastest rate. Also, higher tier players earn points faster. Every 5,000 points is exchangeable for 5 Euros. Unredeemed points expire after 60 days.
Everyone stars at the Blue level with 2,500 free points, but with the opportunity to move up to Gold, Platinum, and Diamond status based on play. The required points are 10,000 or more for Gold, 25,000 or more for Platinum, and 75,000 or more for Diamond. Points are recalculated monthly, and players who do not maintain the required point minimum over the next month drop to the previous level.
All players are eligible for weekly promotions such as slot tournaments, drawings, and deposit match bonuses. But higher level players get additional benefits. Along with earning points faster, they receive a monthly loyalty bonus and a birthday bonus. The higher the level, the bigger these bonuses are.
Higher tier players are also eligible for monthly promotions (tournaments, drawings, giveaways, cashbacks, etc.) offering prizes of much higher value than those in the weekly promotions. Players awarded VIP status( by invitation only) qualify for a personal host, special giveaways, and invitations to exclusive events.

Exciting Extras

One of the special privileges of Fortune Lounge casino membership is your open invitation to compete in a wide variety of daily and weekly tournaments, as well as the special tournaments of the International Slots and Blackjack Leagues, reserved exclusively for Fortune Lounge members.
In addition, every year eligible players get the opportunity to try to win a pair of tickets for a fabulous 7 day cruise. The 2018 getaway will be a Caribbean cruise on the Oasis of the Seas.
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